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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kal_Stu, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. Ok so I didn't know where to put this post sorry If it's in the wrong place or what you consider to be the wrong place...

    Just wondering after Reading something will this effect recruitment? Or will I not effect it??

    Just won't peoples views on it,,

    again sorry if this is in the wrong place and also sorry if it has been asked before (did use the search bar but nothing came up)
  2. was it not announced last night that all government branches have t cut spending by 40% 8O :?
  3. Surely that would envolve a longer wait until Page 3 was reached? :wink:

    Kal_Stu are you a big Talking Heads fan?
    Your OP seems to suggest that Making Sense is an issue.
  4. thats what i ment :roll: :wink:
  5. You said ALL, less 2 Departments is not all, so loose the attitude, numpty.
  6. calm downbootlicker :lol:
  7. i was joking saying thats what i ment lol relax peoples. H.A.T.G.Y :lol:
  8. haha back peddling about what i was joking saying thats what i ment hence the wink ;)

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