Embroidered Combat Dolphins?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by 101_Disciple, Aug 7, 2011.

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  1. Would anyone know:

    a. Where you can purchase online the green embroidered submariner dophins you can sew onto your combats?


    b. If they exist through Pusser what their NSN is?

    I'm not sure they officially exist / are sanctioned so I'd be surprised if they had an NSN.

    I'm currently serving in Afghanistan and think some dolphins would be an improvement to my MTPs. I've seen a number of people out here with them on but the people I know have either got them through a shipmate or asked a local tailor to knock some up (I'm not so keen on the latter idea as I think they might end up looking weird).

    Grateful for any help.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Just paint your bog standard 'kissing kippers' matt black & wear 'em with pride.
  3. Try Faslamabad clothing stores. And I'm pretty sure they are patternised.
  4. I'm pretty sure they're not. BoxKickerSubs will know for definite.
  5. =====================================================


    ......and wot abaht the 'Bomber Brooch'??

    Shirley it they must be worth impressing the locals/others with those embroidered on a chap's Sandy Rig ??

    (If entitled, to wear it, that is :wink:)
  6. I was told in Portsmouth earlier in the year they were available from slops. If that's what it's still called nowadays.
  7. the tailor in drake clothing store is pretty good at embroiding dolphins on stuff, including cummerbunds, overalls, polo shirts, baseball caps etc. she might be able to knock you some patches up. :sleepy2:
  8. 101 disciple, ive PM'd you ok
  9. BAUN and co in Pompey do them as well
  10. Update

    Now that I'm back I just thought I'd back-brief on what I did in the end (in case anyone else in a similar situation finds this post).

    I considered getting them made in-country, but as the results could be a bit variable (depending on the quality of the tailor), I thought I would get some from Baun tailors. So rung them up, gave them my credit card number and they posted me some out fairly quickly. Really didn't like them when they arrived however, they were quite small and also featured bits of yellow thread (hard to describe - but suffice to say I wasn't enamoured). Seen as I had bought them I thought I may as well wear them. I always put badges through the laundry before sewing them onto my uniform, just in case they shrink and I did this with these too. At which point they literally fell apart, rendering them useless.

    At which stage I gave up.

    However a while later (whilst looking for a zap badge) I found these velcro-backed MTP dolphins:


    Ordered one of these and stuck it on my day-sack, which sated my dolphin badge needs and received wide approval from the select Afghan submariner community.

    (I would say though that their web site is awful, it kept on crashing when I tried to order).

    Thanks to all those that helped.
  11. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Great more combat bling.
  12. Awesome, do they do combat Nav's Yeo badges?
  13. More badges required, the way ahead
  14. And to think, my current mob even make you unpick the little union flag on your combat shirt.
  15. Combat bling? Hardly. What if I am sitting in the middle of the desert and a situation arises where knowledge is required of how to dive a submarine in an emergency due a sighting of a semi-submerged ISO container? My dolphins will identify me as a handy source of info for this, whilst the MTP will reduce my chances of being slotted by some pesky insurgent.
  16. For those in the future that feel the need to show that they are in receipt of submarine pay in the desert, they are available from the seamstress in stores in Faslane. I saw them on the wall in there about a month ago and they come in green, yellow and the new MTP fashion as well if memory serves me correct.
  17. I'm just going to print out my competencies from JPA and have them embroidered onto my shirt, people need to know I did a CSS course in 2001 and am a qualified AMPA administrator.
  18. That would be quality if you could get a "Passed RNFT" badge for your combats!
  19. They should bring that in for the RNR.
  20. Badges, we don't need no stinkin' badges (apologies to Mel brooks and Blazing Saddles)
    cub badges.jpg

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