Embarrasing moments at school

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Carrolannabelle, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Im sure all of us have had at some point an embarrasing moment at school or college/6th form.

    Today my friends and I were invited for a simple buffet lunch with our head master to thank us for what we did over the easter holidays on our gold D of E. So we turned up and were made to have our photographs taken. Over the discussions at lunch we were told we were getting a certificate and they were being presented in a whole school assembley. OK fair enough. Then were told our parents were being invited in we are going to be on local radio and in the second of our two local newspapers, having already been in one. They have also written to the personal secutery of the Duke to inform them of what we did and having a reply.

    the look on our faces where on which said
    "Its nice to get a thanks just please dont embarras us its no big deal."

    A thankyou taken a step to far.

    So please share your embarrasing moments.
  2. I shit myself once...
  4. Funny you should say that actually, sh1t yourself in the CPO's mess on a 42 when in your white trop shorts and work out what's fastest to get to - heads or your cabin (aft near reg office). Also, which route do you take to avoid being seen by too many people? Maybe this could be used in a recruiting campaign like the Army do for snipers.
  5. Not exactly embarrassing, but...
    At the only Catholic boys grammar school in Guzz, we were punished with a leather strap, administered with great glee by the Christian Brothers who made up a large percentage of the staff. Being a regular recipient, one day I went around every class where there was a member of the strap wielding fraternity, and with a suitably hangdog expression, asked "Sir, can Brother/Mr XXXX borrow your leather, please?".
    I managed to almost make a clean sweep of leathers, took them down the sports field (out of sight of the main building), got some petrol off the groundsman, and burnt the damn lot !
    Consternation amogn the floggers when they found the tools of their trade had vanished, but its easy to remain anonymous among several hundred other boys when you need to, but damn hard to keep the smirk off your face !!!!
  6. Some people pay good money for that. 8O
  7. Isadirty thats just plain funny.
  8. Or enter a sub/dom relationship
  9. Just once??

    Amateur :lol:
  10. I didn't wanna brag :lol:
  11. Having my Mother working in the kitchens and getting b*llocked in front of everyone in the dining hall when the teachers had white ratted on me and told her what I'd been up to (normally a weekly occurance). Couldn't bunk off school dinners either :cry:
  12. FAIRY NUFF :roll: :wink:
  13. I remember coming down one of the spiral stair case (as in castles) at school, and was just dragging a massive green henry from my snot locker when I came face to face with the deputy headmistress.
    She was not amused. :cry: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
  14. In the 3rd year at secondary school we has a video which showed, at one ghastly point, blood corpuscles coursing through a capiliary, at the double. It was a hot day and I had to stand as there wasn't enough space (I was slim then, by the way) on any of the wobbly wooden benches* we sat on. One moment the pink blood corpuscles were racing through someones capiliary, the next I heard a very loud noise and found myself looking up at a ring of bemused classmates.

    I never lived it down!

    Within 24 hours the whole school knew that I fainted at the sight of blood. :oops: :cry:

    *They has probably been there since the middle ages :lol:

    I knew there must be a reason! :biggrin:

    I charge £10 a stroke to civvies, 10/- to matelots and the service is FREE for those I dislike! :twisted:
  15. Most days at school seemed to be an embarrassment for me.

    However, I do remember sitting in class, at primary school, playing with my todger.

    I looked up to see a girl, slightly flushed, sitting across the aisle staring at me in a disapproving manner.

    So, deciding to use the rapier like wit of a six year old, I stuck my tongue out at her.

    That really showed her!!! :oops:
  16. When I first came to the UK I went to a secondary school whilst waiting to take the 13 plus.
    We had to write about where we lived and as I was a new boy in town they let me write about where I had lived.
    I wrote a vivid descriptive piece about the town I had lived and handed it in.
    Not enough information said the teacher, what was the district you lived in?

    We did not have proper districts so i gave her the local names. I said my school had been in Bullshit plains.
    I think that's disgusting she told me having read the new version. Where did YOU live?
    Sheep shit alley.!!!!!! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
  17. Not at school but as embarrassing as fcuk. I shit myself on Christmas day in the Queen VIc pub at Ponitins Holiday Camp Brean Sands. It was a mighty follow through to be proud of.

  18. Well done, if it wouldent have made your mum happy, we are proud of you. :D :D :D
  19. Although I am a girl, I did my A levels at that same school and my chemistry master still had a leather strap and this would have been in the early 80s. I can report that he never needed to use it, the mere threat was enough to keep order.

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