Email frequency on Submarines

Hi All,

Hope someone can shed some light on my situation. My boyfriend has gone to sea, only the second time during our relationship. His first stint was only a month long and I was receiving at least 1 email from him everyday. This time round he’s been gone for 8 days and I have had nothing. I know they sometimes stop emails without warning but this seems like a long time.

Any insight would be great as I’m pretty anxious about the whole situation.

Many thanks


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If OPSEC requires it, all non official/ non operational communications will cease. No consultation, no warning. Being offline may last a few hours, may last a few months.


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When we first got e-mails, it was only on the way back from deployment. Using the e-mail system means the WT mast has to stay up longer meaning the boat has to remain at periscope depth longer, also official MoD traffic takes priority.

Nothing sinister or to worry about, it's just what happens on boats.

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