elo i am a O/c in the sea cadets


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Yes seconded. This site is more for Adults.

The portal is the place for "which do you prefer, apples or swimming" pointless polls.



kgladams said:
hi i got to ts anson sea cadets unit and i wont to know what the best rank is as a cadets it

The best rank is only available to those who can spell and use correct punctuation. Good Luck.


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Sorry I have just read all of his posts and unfortunately come to the conclusion that he (kgladams) is a complete and utter moron. If he ever manages to enter the RN as an officer it will almost certainly be "Captain of the Heads)


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dunkers said:
He is just a kid of 12 or 13, he has been pointed in the right direction above so I think we should just leave it there.

well his parents should be ashamed of the langauge he was using! :shock: :shock: :shock: