Elmers, bloody priceless....

Well 8 hours is a long time to keep LAs finest away from Dunkin' Donuts. :D

He may have been threatening to top himself with his porn movie prop samurai sword, but probably not best practice to use even a non-lethal weapon on someone so close to the edge of a good drop.

Plus him sawing his own swede off would have been far better footage. 8O
I love the term they used "less than lethal munition". It turned out to be fucking lethal as it knocked the stupid bastard off the edge! I wish I could have seen the look on the face of the guy who pulled the trigger when the failed porn star went over the edge.
They have form for this already. There is some great footage out there of a guy being tasered off the roof of his house by Police 'concerned for his welfare'. He pegged it too I recall.

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