'Ello. Forum skin inbound!

New to the forum. Not lurked either so I just thought I'd say hello. I understand this is an Air Arm bit, but I've noticed, and I don't wish this to be inflammatory, quite a few fish'eads nosing about.

Just like the Mob, they're always looking to see what the clever folk are doing on the flight deck. Is this normal on here?

Did I say hello by the way?

Hello Shipmate, Nice to see a new joiner. As you have noticed a lot of the general service drop into the FAA Forum to get educated...
Hello bogieknight, I'm pretty new to rumrat aswell. I'm a bit blonde when it comes to wafu stuff but I must admit the Flight deck is a good place to top up the tan when us general service types are allowed to use it
Hello Ocean Girl. Well looking at your picture, I'd have guessed you weren't FAA, because you're not supposed to wear nylon webbing under your ovys. Unless that's a piccy of your best mate or something like that.
Some of us used to be so embarrassed of the modern Navy, that i used to to tell people that i was in the Fleet Air Arm, having read this thread It`s time to admit I never belonged to the Royal Navy at all, I`m a Walt and proud of it, an uneducated idiot with the brains of a rocking horse, I live in a world of my own and have no need for any further contact with the ******* Morons that appear on here. Dear Lord I`m ready, take me now. :w00t:
Hey Hig…..thats it….get it off your chest, you`ll feel much better…..

Oh… before you go…tell us…did you REALLY shag a French gronk…..
UA you know It`s true, I`m too thick to lie, actually she was rather pretty, if you consider a belly full of booze and it was late at night........ but i digress, I`m sure that you find this thread as entertaining as i do.........aren`t you glad you left? as i am?
Bogie…because you asked nicely…..

It`s a reference to Walt Disney ….and usually means that people here think you are a sort of happy go lucky guy who never takes offence and always breezes in with a lively thread that all can enjoy…..you seem to be such a person and as you are also a waffu that for us is a bonus…….
I notice you haven’t got an avatur yet …..a picture of Bambi would be nice…..

Hope this helps

UA, you're a gentleman (?). I'm enlightened now.

Hig, I hope I've not pi55ed you off.

I guess I am a Walt then. I'd better look for a Bambi type avatar piccy then.

I believe that the un-educated types have misinformed you. A “Walt†may be a term used in the General Service to describe someone who has nothing better to do other than watch Jungle Book (see Junglies), Bambi and other popular Walt Disney Classics.

However, the term “Walt†when correctly linked to Naval history and Naval jargon refers to Sir Walter Raleigh.

Walter Raleigh (Walt to his shipmates) was born into a well-connected gentry family at Hayes Barton in Devon. He attended Oxford University and was highly educated (see Fleet Air Arm). Walt arranged for the construction of the first Ark Royal, this ship later became the flag ship of the English fleet which fought against the Spanish Armada. He became a Naval advisor to the Queen and helped implement improvements to the design of ships. Walt was also responsible for the introduction of Duty Free cigarettes (Blue Liners) and Walkers Crisps.

To conclude: It is a compliment for bogieknight to be referred to as a “Waltâ€

Hope this answers your question bogieknight.....
Welcome on board skin! Walt is actually UA's real first name. To be a Walt means to be be all of the following:

Cynical, weatherbeaten, G Spot trained, grumpy, a pain in the groin, an excellent poet and still be, to paraphrase Queen Elizabath I: A strong-willed, opinionated old sea dog in the body of a skin.


Better get me head down now before the pitchforks start flying...
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