Ello again!


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Some of you will remember me from some time ago.
When I was originally posting on here I was applying for RM, and as one or two of you will remember, they were messing me about royally over a specialist medical.

Long story (very, very long, 2 years to be exact) short, I lost my rag and told them to to shove it.

And here is where I get unpopular (nutty_bag...sorry mate....:D)
In exactly 22 days, I sart basic training.
With the Paras.

Ive trained like mad and I am fit as fuck. The RM just werent quick enough for me. I'm just glad I'll be serving soon. Just hope all you dark blue and Rm will forgive me.

All the best,
Congratulations, however you do realise that you have settled for second best.
Oh and roumer has it that due to financial issues para's are no longer jumping from aircraft.


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Best of luck benny, my join up circumstances where identically different to yours (does that make sense?) got offered a place in para regt but then the corps offered me a quicker join up date so I became a bootneck. Best of luck in basic, just grin and bear it mate, it doestn't last forever although it seems like it does, alot of the bull shite you'll experience at a training establishment doesn't happen in the real world, you'll pull through, just look on the bright side, the fcukers cant make you pregnant.

Now for the bad news, as a rule Paras end up with real bad mongs, your average bootneck will trap a higher class of mong, she'll normally have a silver helium filled balloon and be licking a magnum or cornetto icecream, your avarage para on the other hand will be seen with a dribbler with a red air filled balloon hanging off her wrist on a bit of string whilst sucking an icepole................best of luck and enjoy. :thumright:
Benny, Benny where did we go wrong, it was the feckin' Matelots Medical bodgers as per (Standing by for a well deserved rollicking from Angrydoc etc)' but to go Pongo and Les Beret Cherise too!! No, No, NO!!
They've just shown that doco re Capt(Ms) Ian Hamilton down here in NZ, we may allow women to 'Pass' the AACC and most Royals enjoy exploring their feminine side by dressing up and dabbling with the Missus's make up (WHAT!!! Come on you've all done it Royals just got the balls to do it well.) but being a Para turns you into one.
But seriously Benny well done and good luck...at least you didn't go RAF Reg.
As a para do not forget to impress your Mong girlfriend by showing her how you can jump from her helium balloon
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