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Billy Q

“I would like to know how many Elite Athletes are currently employed within the Armed Forces and
would like this information broken down by Service eg RAF, Army & Navy.”

I am treating your correspondence as a request for information under the Freedom of Information
Act 2000 (FOI Act). I can confirm that the Ministry of Defence (MOD) holds information within the
scope of your request.

Therefore to answer your request we have interpreted your reference to “Elite Athletes” as meaning
that an elite athlete is allowed to train full time with their respective National Governing Body or
professional club. Under this definition the Royal Navy has 2 such athletes, the Army has 17 and the
RAF 8.
Only two? I'm outraged. Why should the junior branch of the Armed Forces have 4 times as many. Harrumpf. Where do I write my strongly worded letter, Pitt St?

I put Pitt St as hardly anyone will remember those days when the mirrors and Brylcreme were based there!
That's girly
Apart from size 8, 9 and 10 steaming bats. We have none of those, ever.
That's girly size shoes, all I could get was 11wide, know wonder they hurt turned out I had size 13, never had any of them either, may be the Army nicked all the good stuff so they could run fast. Under foi I found the Army was full of crooks, the 17 practiced by trying to out run the coppers, that's why are only have 2 their AFCO said they were to clever for the Army, so we ended up with 2 clever crooks.
I feel ill must be this thread?
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