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Hi my son is at Collingwood doing his phase 2 WS training, text me today to say he has the opportunity to do another 14wks training to become an Electronic Warfare Specialist. Have searched :? the RN careers etc but can not find any info on this.
Can any shed any light?

Cheers :?
it's part of the warfare branch. He will be able to use various equipment that detects electronic emissions given off by missies, ships and aircraft etc. He must have recently been given a brief by the Chief Golly there who I know my first ship back in 97-99. Good bloke.your boy may not get any choice if the billet he goes into on board requires him to do the course. He may also express an interest. I believe the course is 12 weeks


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Kiwi: Welcome to RR.

Well done for trying to find out more about oyur Son's future career. To the best of my recollection, there used to be a specific *.pdf file for each individual Branch in the RN on the careers' website, but I cannot find it now. But here is the one for the Warfare Branch as a whole, which explains the basic salary and career structure:


However I did manage to find a couple of unofficial EW-related websites online, which might explain the history and role of "Gollies":



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