Electrician Officer or Deck Officer


I want some advices from you because I don’t know what to choose.The first problem is vision and I have some doubts that a deck officer can become a captain if he has myopia.At least when you drive the ship with the steering wheel you have to gain a good sight.The second problem is that I’m not so great at physics and chemistry and I heard that if you want to become an electrician officer you have to fill all your empty knowledges with everything that you didn’t learnt in highschool or school and I’m still trying to learn these subjects(even if I’m parallel with them).
What are your advices?What should I pick?


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If you are talking about the RFA you are in the wrong thread.

Now in the RFA Forum.

The eyesight standards for deck officers are the same for cadets and Captains and all points in between. Likewise engineers, same from cadet to Chief. Tested by an MCA Approved Doctor independent of the RFA.

Electrical Officers (systems engineers or ETOs) are educated, examined and qualified in physics based subjects.

There are English language and nationality requirements for RFA Officers of all branches and ranks.