Election year , whose side are you on ?.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirlin, Jan 8, 2015.

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  1. I cam 91% Conservative, 85% UKIP
  2. 84% Labour, there's no way I'm voting for those ******* though. Better news is that I'm only 4% UKIP. 4% too much but it will do.
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  3. This might go horribly wrong for me on here but . . .

    75% Lib Dem, 67% Green. The 61%, 60% and 55% Labour / SNP / Tory in descending order. UKIP and BNP 10% and 5%.

    Along what I thought it would be really.

    What is interesting about this is how (oh dear, Lib Dem political broadcast imminent) the FPTP system, although simple to operate, doesn't really reflect the view of individual let alone that of the electorate as a body. STV and PR are obviously more democratic methods to employ.

    But we got that referendum, made the arguments as best we could and lost. Fair dinkum. I retain the right to continue to drip about it though. Which is not quite the same constitutional issue the one our fervent anti-Union separatists promised to honour whichever way it went. As long as it went their way. Which it didn't. :D

    Shows that I can also have a leaning towards SNP policies without accepting their central tenet.
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  4. I was surprised to see SNP came second in mine with 71%, less surprising to me was that they were very closely followed by Lib Dems and Greens. So you're not the only Lefty Empire-wrecker here.

    But we knew that anyway.
  5. Bloody hell, UKIP followed by the Tories with the BNP coming in front of Labour!

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  6. 81% Conservative 72% Lib Dems 69% Labour
  7. Cons, LD, Lab, UKIP. In descending order running low 70s high 60s with Greens running mid 30s. Worrying isn't it
  8. That's impressive.

    Fence sitter! :)
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  9. Thing is, this is all based on policies that they SAY they possess and SHOULD implement in the event of gaining power. It's interesting to see where you sit on the spectrum, but it certainly shouldn't be any indicator of who you should actually vote for.

    It's all pie in the sky ideology. They're all lying ***** and wouldn't deliver on 90% of any of those issues.

    The twatwaffles. All of them.
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  10. 83% Conservative, followed by Lib Dems, Labour and UKIP, who had a higher percentage than I was expecting.
  11. Made me wonder as well. Always thought I was a stout conservative :D
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  12. Hmmm
    Con 71%
    Lab 63%
    UKIP 62%
    BNP 62% (WTF!!)
    Lib Dems 62%
    Greens 54%

    I didn't even realise the BNP had any policies!!
  13. 82% Tory, 79% UKIP, 70% BNP, 39% Labour, 31% Lib Dem.

    Not bad, except the BNP bit..
  14. Concur.
  15. That test said where the party aligned with your view on only some of the topics - the one at the top was the one where you had the most in common, but did not mean you were an exact match. So for example, the one at the top would have you aligned with four or even five policy areas, but those nearer 50% mark would be only two or three.

    Also, you may have said you were not bothered about some or even a lot of the questions, but had a very firm view on some and this would have skewed your score and raised one party a bit higher than you would expect.

    Interesting thing I found was that it had the option not just to see other options, but to create your own - not sure how the programme would have compensated for anything entered that was entered by the user and not pre-determined in the set-up.
  16. That beard you had all through your time in the mob , when you slapped in the request to continue shaving you missed a 2'' x 1'' bit on your top lip. :D
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  17. Conservatives - 85% :D
    UKIP - 83%
    BNP - 75%
    Liberal Democrats - 54%
    Labour - 37%

  18. I got 30% BNP! They must have seen my avatar. Anyway, why are the BNP even on there? They're utterly irrelevant since some of them put on suits and purple rosettes. Might as well have the Spartacist league on there....
  19. 80% U.K.I.P., 79% Brit Nat, 77%,Concervative, 62% Labour, What! Ed Fuking Millagoon, never!!!!!! 62% Lib Dems...
    Ok I am a bit to the right of Genghis Khan, but in all honesty I have never been so well off since Blair and Brown did an exit left..Twunts both of them.:rolleyes:

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