Elected Police Commissioners

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. I've put this on tother site as well

    It will soon be time to vote for Elected Police Commissioners.
    has anyone else noticed that the government has provided us with little information on the candidates so that we can make an informed choice?
    I looked at the Thames Valley candidates.
    There are six, four of which belong to political parties.
    I am of the opinion that the police should be free of any political restraints so will be voting for one of the two independent candidates on the list.
    If enough people could be bothered to get off their arses and do the same I think that we could send an important message to those in Westminster
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  2. I pity those who have to select between Prescott and the other political misfits, only out to get their snouts into the trough.
  3. .
    One of our local candidates has just removed himself from my list, whatever the outcome of this investigation:

    Tory police and crime candidate faces fraud probe - Local - Portsmouth News

    In short, he lives in Sussex but (cunningly...?) apparently/allegedly rented himself a flat in Winchester well in advance to meet the Hampshire/I Of Wight residential qualification.

    Call me 'ageist' if you like but that report also states that he's 78...
  4. Are you and he.... 'Mates'?
  5. Our option is between two young-(ish) women, neither of whom I've ever heard of, and whose profile on the internet would do well to cover the back of a ha'penny stamp. I think I'll put my cross against the least doggo, although that in itself will be a difficult choice.

  6. Ha Ha - Nice try.

    <<<....he expressed his support for Nadir by infamously sending him a watch inscribed with the words 'don't let the buggers get you down'...>>

    But the one he sent me was inscribed ' 'don't let the buggers hold you down'
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  7. Yep, one Labour and one Conservative (as if thats all the info you`d need).
    Some choice.

    Spoilt paper here we come.
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  8. Five candidates here, three political vermin belonging to the parties so they're out. Of the remaining two, one is an ex copper, so I'm voting for him in the hope that he will encourage lippy scrotes getting bounced round the cells and 'falling down the stairs'. The other is an Independent and sounds rather wet, but he gets my second vote, just because he isn't in a political party. But I had to go searching for information on them all, nothing came through the post.
  9. Usually when there is any kind of public election in the offing our letterboxes are stuffed with bumff promoting one candidate or another.This time,when the winner of the poll will have substantial powers over the Police force,we've received sweeet bugger all.They were given no allowance from public funds to make a mail shot and took that to mean no-one would be given any info whatsoever hence countrywide apathy even compared to the election of our local yokel I/C dog shit collection.
    An oppo of mine is I/C of a Polling station,I have told him to take a good book to read and try to keep awake.
  10. That's the message to the government...no fecker turns up to vote...so don't bother with this feck up of an idea again...
  11. Just for the sake of fairness heres the rest

    • David Goodall - Liberal Democrat
    • Simon Hayes - Independent
    • Don Jerrard - Justice and Anti-Corruption Party
    • Michael Mates - Conservative
    • Jacqui Rayment - Labour
    • Stephen West - UKIP
    All need prodding with pointy sticks.
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  12. Fraud from an Officer and Gentleman late of the Queen's Dragoon Guards; never!
  13. I have no independents standing in my area. I am going to the polling station (even though its my birthday), but I will be spoiling my paper for the first (and I hope last) time. I am appalled at how none of the candidates even had any information posted on the official PCC election website. They just expect to get elected on the strength of their party allegiance. I think policing should be free of party politics. The PCC was supposed to be independent. That didn't last long.
  14. There's about a dozen candidates down here, never heard of any of them but randomly selected 2 independants as I don't think political parties should be able to field candidates. As it was a postal vote it probably won't get there anyway.

  15. Never heard of any of them ... and as none of them even know where the Island is let alone been there on a day trip you can keep 'em your side of the Solent Ta Muchly!
  16. There was a piece on the radio today about the lack of canvassing by the candidates..basically the area they cover equates to about the same as 28 MP's constituencies, so not many people can afford to canvas the public.

    I won't be wasting my valuable time voting on a crock of shit idea.
  17. There's to be 41 I think spid.
    Police and crime commissioners | Home Office
  18. Yes Rummers, but what I was trying to explain is, for example, Greater Manchester Police Commisioner's patch has 28 MPs in it...so consider the money, time and logistics used by all the Parliamentary candidates for just just one MP to get into Gummint and that should give some indication of the amount required to get a message across to become a Police Commisioner.
  19. Tony Bliar is canvassing for that presumptuous bumpkin Prescott today, according to Blairs website. Of ten use his site to leave comments as to what a waste of space he is. Also to reiterate that I'm always emailing the EU telling them what the average UK person thinks of his "I want be the EU President". Speeches
  20. By Jove I have it.
    Just seems one massive buck passing exercise with the idea of government being able to say" it's not us" when ever anything goes tits up

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