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ELCs Anyone had em?


I`m just about to look into these enhanced learning credits that I signed up for after I left the mob, I`m on the £1000 a year one and I am just about to fill in the forms. Has anyone actually used their`s? if they have did they get any trouble? or was it just as straight forward a process as they say it is? even though the ELC web sites a pile of sh*te.


War Hero
The ELC Website is not a pile of shite mate! It's actually quite good.

Bear in mind though that you will be stung for tax as you're using them from outside the mob.


War Hero
the_matelot said:
..It's actually quite good.....

Unless you're actually trying to find a course to do :(

The informaiton on how to use the money is pretty good, although I hadn't picked up on the tax issue.

I've used one round of mine, part of resettlement, and it was pretty painless. The problem was the service provider who billed me twice for the course I did!


War Hero
the_matelot said:
Are you using this link?


tbh it comes up with so many returns, most of which have little relevance to the initial search term, it's of limited value.

When I'm looking for courses in Hampshire and it comes up with options in Aberdeenshire, Cornwall and Gwent I'm pretty unimpressed.

That said, actually speaking to them on the phone is pretty straighforward.


War Hero
I've used mine for this financial year, and I'm planning on using a second round for a Masters course next financial year.

I was trying to find business related courses when I used it, but couldn't get the search terms to return much useful. I was getting 300 or so returns and few of them actually seemed to make sense given the search.


Ha Ha Ha that`s probably the link I need to go to. I had the same problem as Karma I found it pretty difficult to find the specific course that I wanted to do when the search engine threw out about 50 non-relevant courses in places that were completely out of range of where I was willing to commute to. I haven`t had the chance to speak to them on the phone yet but have got a feeling that I`ll probably need to in the near future. There was a mention of the financial year earlier in this post do ELC work around the usual tax year? or on a January to december basis? I haven`t looked into them that much I only know the specifics
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