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I currently in training of being an Air Engineering Technician, with the aim of achieving a full degree within the Navy,
As i want to acheive this as fast as possible and have some time available in the evenings/weekends i'd like to hopefully gain as much qualifications relating to the engineering role to benefit the Navy and later on Civi.
Currently in HMS Sultan and soon to be at RNAS Yeovilton,

Does anyone have previous experience? Are we able to learn Foundation Degree's paid for etc



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Best bet is to speak to someone more experienced in your branch at RNAESS or your squadron. Or even speak to someone in the Learning and Development Hub.

Pretty sure the UY(AE)s I've met have been POs or killicks so they must have completed the equivalent to a FdEng (level 5 qualification) by this point in their career to be accepted onto the top-up BEng course.


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6 years of service until you can claim ELCs.

Killick gets you a HNC, PO gets you a FD then it's a top up from there. Either via the SUY(E) route or off your own back.

You can also take student loans with the Open University and get a BEng(Hons) that route, I think Staffordshire University has a scheme too.

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