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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by UK Trades Training, Sep 4, 2011.

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  1. If you are looking to use your ELC credits to learn construction trades, UK Trades Training offer a fast track level 3 course that covers up to 5 different trades over a 5 week course, this can be funded by using your ELC and Resettlement allowances, Go self employed as a multi skilled tradesman or use the skills to do your own place up

    ELC Entitlements if you signed up for them,
    Level 1, under 4 years service = 80% of the course costs up to £1000
    Level 2, Over 8 years service = 80 % of the course costs up to £2000

    Example course cost £2500, 80% ELC contribution = £2000, you pay £500 which you could use your resettlement £534 to pay, course would cost you nothing

    You are entitled for ELC up to 10 years after leaving and a maximum of 3 goes at it but only 1 per financial year

    Any questions please let me know

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  2. And of course I bet uktradestraining have contacted the site owners to pay for this blatant attempt to obtain FREE advertising
  3. Hi Slim
    I am looking into sponsoring the forum as a paid advertiser, I registered yesterday on Sunday and I phoned up Olive Network today who i thought looked after this site and found out that they run ARRSE who we are sponsoring now as a result of todays conversation, if you have any or can get anyone you know to contact me regarding sponsoring this forum, i will be happy to do so.

    We have been a well respected training company on the CTP and ELC and have helped hundreds of force leavers out that have looked for a new career after the forces, I am only too happy to help with any questions relating to ELC Resettlement allowances for anyone interested, not just for our courses, we deal with construction trade related courses only but i can advise on some other courses that have good reputations in other areas that we do not do
    I am aware that forums dont need anyone and everyone jumping on for free adverising as it downgrades the forum, i sponsor about 4 other forums at the moment so i wasnt trying to get in on the sly
  4. Many thanks Darren, the site owners will be pleased. You would be suprised just how much spam the site receives from those trying to sell their product.
    I am also aware that many who have left the services will not be aware of the fact that they can still draw on service funds to help fund their education, thanks for making them aware of that.
  5. Hi Slim
    Thats why i think the forums are great as you can find out loads of info from people passing on their knowledge, the guys in the military do a fantastic job serving their country and to only get £534 to resettle back into civvy life is poor, The ELC give you a decent chance of getting the right training and its great that you can use it up to 10 years after and the process is very easy to use, no complicated stuff at all, there is loads of other help as well from the British Legion, that i will talk about later on

  6. I'll just confirm that and thanks to both Slim for grilling a potential spammer and UK Trades Training for helping to support us by becoming a sponsor. UK Trades Training does seem to know his stuff on ELCs and I'm pleased to see some more noise made about the subject, even if there is of course a commercial interest involved.
  7. Ok I have listened to what UK Trades are saying so I will tell you how it really is in the real world and most importantly getting qualified. Go to UK trades it's your choice if you like giving away your hard earned grant. Well UK Trades, EDI is not recognised on site regardless of what you say. I have been working in the Industry for over 30 years. You give false hope to service leavers and give 5 weeks training level 3. What Level 3 is that then? ELC in Gloucester need to re assess certain providers 5 weeks multi skill course level 3 "NO SERVICE LEAVERS YOU ARE MISLEAD". NVQL2 then work towards LEVEL3 NVQ Using your ELC'S. Tracey at UK Trades guides you to Domestic and pushes you to a multiskill trade and just to tap into funding. Well I will say this by 2015 you will need the Nvq Quals so use your elc'S wisely. EDI is Not the way ahead it's as simple as that. So let me give you an example I do a tiling 5 day course a 5 day plastering, kitchen course etc.. see my point you need at least 4 weeks on each trade, as for qualifcations what is exactly EDI so that users to this forum really understand, I know but please educate the rest. And what PROPER QUALIFICATION WILL ONE GET. Hopefully this gets posted. The real world is what you need there are many providers out there research them first.
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  8. DONT INVEST YOUR ELCs in random so called training companies that will promise the world. Research what actual job you want to do then direct yout training at that. Use the CTP website, and not some random who pitches up on forces forums, also use World's Largest Professional Network | LinkedIn for networking.
  9. So i guess it was you Sammy this evening giving us that pathetic call at the training centre tonight, well we are one of the longest established construction training providers in the country, with a great reputation on the CTP for over 4 years and a 97% feedback score on the ELCAS site. Dont know what industry that your in but it cannot be construction if you think you need nvqs by 2015 because they introduced that rule in 2010 along with a CSCS card so dont know where you got 2015 from.

    How can you possibly comment on how people will waste their money and will be misled when you know nothing of our training courses. I dont know how you dare even say it. We mislead nobody and what you see advertised is what you get

    Hehttp://www.ediplc.com/background.aspre is the EDI site and awarding body for your reference, there are multiple awarding bodies, everything is not just City and Guilds you know

    Funny you mention you need at least 4 weeks training, could it possibly be that you are associated with an actual training centre and we are competition to you. You have only posted once which seems dodgy as well

    If you were a tradesman you will know that the sites are down and there is no work on them at present because of the current climate so the domestic market is the place to be now and this is where the money is to be earned (self employed) which is the advice i gave you on the phone not that you wanted to listen to anything i said that is. So hopefully everyone sees through your rediculous post and the mods do something about it.
    If you have 30 years experience, what are you doing ringing us up asking questions about what we do and how to get qualified.
  10. Qualifications

    I haven't a clue what your point is.As for Tracey she was spoken to 2 weeks ago by someone that was leaving the Army. I asked you about the NVQ. Not Site based but domestic. I will say it again By 2015 you will need it for domestic work. Well it seems tht you are very experienced. I work in a College iPortsmouth, and a person that I know enquired with you 2 weeks Or so ago you gave him a the wrong answers. Your Level 3 will not get you anything and that's a fact Darren, and you know that in your heart. Look at the rules of combination and see what you can offer. You sponsor this forum, so thereotrically you control it. Freedom of speech but most of all Honesty prevails. Just do proper qualifications and then people are happy. I have assessed and verified onsite since 1997 upto present day, so I would say that iam qualified alittle and as for construction trades I think I know that one pretty well.
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  11. Hi Witsend. Thanks for reply. I am not saying anything bad about UK T, but what i'm saying is you cannot get qualified in construction Level3 wheter CTP Or Elcas Registered. Jo blogs in the service needs guidance when leaving and if he thinks he can get a level 3 in Tiling Bricklaying Or any other trowel trade, think again. I was trying to make a point and to me it's slightly misleading. What level3 are they offering then. When i go onsite and I assess Or IV Work, take it from me the'es many experienced guys out there 12 years on the tools and still not capable of level 3. That was my point. So what course gives them level 3 Or 2 come to think of it.
  12. You say you arent saying anything bad about us, your first post was slanderous and rediculous and i hope people see through you as we seen through you when you rang us and you didnt listen then, where do you get the info from about 2015 nvqs for the domestic market because ive never seen that stated anywhere and how could they possibly police it, They done it for gas and electricity because they were dangerous but thats it. They tried to do this in germany years ago about bringing in tiling plastering etc quals for domestic, it didnt work and they threw it out, im an nvq assessor, have a level 3 qualifications and have been in the construction industry for 25 years running my own companies in it and teaching for over 9 years and I have a state of the art 10,000 square foot training facility better than the collages set up because ive taught and run the full collage programs as well, Any training facility is simulated and what can be learned there is only part of knowing what to do, thats why NVQs are work based out on site for experience, level 3 OSAT aint that hard to get out on an assessment, in tiling, plastering etc there is only 8 units with a couple of extra optional ones, if you say someone has been on the tools for 12 years and not capable then there is something wrong there, still and NVQ is a bit of paper and reflects nothing about your practical capabilities, just because someone has a driving licence doesnt mean they are a good driver. There are plenty of crap drivers with licences so papers mean little really. Im not against qualifications thats why we give them and tell people all the options of gaining more. The training and skills are the ultimate what people need so we deliver the whole package. Our whole course program is at level 3 on the QCF / NQF which meets the strict rules set out by ELCAS, I have submitted all the relevent paperwork which was clearly and easily approved first time by ELCAS themselves over 12 months ago, we have been an approved supplier on the CTP for over 4 years, so how can you tell people not to come to us, who are you anyway.

    As for controlling this forum well i dont, i can point you down an independent tiling forum www.tilersforums.co.uk where we have over 300 independent positive feedback testimonials about the quality of our courses

    Our courses gives a full understanding of being "successfull in self employment in the construction trades" , there is a lot more to running a construction trade business than doing the actual trade which is what we teach (the whole package, marketing, accounts, pricing, measuring, tax, wages etc and they can choose the trades they are interested in getting a start in), we work closely with the collage where people can progress futher if they wish to but our program gives them a start in a new career with the understanding of how to run a business in a trade, there are very few centres that gives as much info as we do about resettling on a new career which is why we are so well respected and our feedback is exceptional because we go out of our way to add the personal touch to each and every force leaver, so be carefull before you go ahead and slander off a busines that you know nothing about or what you personally asume.
    Nearly every service leaver that completes are courses come into the office on their last day and give the girls chocolates, wine etc and thank you cards expressing their enjoyable time with us, hardly the actions of dissapointed people
    I dont think i need to answer any more on this topic, im too busy running a business, maybe you should do the same and get on with whatever you do and dont ring us again and waste my time
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  13. Hi Uk trades I am not getting into Bun fight i'm saying what i've said many times over the years. I fully respect what you are doing but my point was this. EDI are not Nationally recognised with CSCS OR C-SKILLS. So i asked what level 3 do you do? As for the 12 years experience that was a typical example of what i'm and many others are up against. A five week Multi course would never give you this. I know many leaders in Construction and when I go to many high powered meetings this is what's happening many students haven't got a clue. The idea of assessing candidates is that if they are lacking certain aspects of their core trade the idea is providers Or colleges offer them free training, well that never happens. I don't fully respect the NVQ as Guilds was there way before them, and they are recognised throughout the commonwealth. So in a nutshell great what your doing if it was accreditated would be even better and nationally recognised. As for domestic take it from me it is happening in 2015 to cut out bad traders, councils will be pushing this, but you'll still get them anyway. As for your business NE Plastering and Construction were pretty good as when I assessed up North some were from your areas. As for site work, there's much work onsite but they just want quality workers simple as that. So back to the original question your level 3 is what accreditated.
  14. Jeez I must be really thick. It took me 4 years to learn a trade.
  15. LEVEL 3 Or NVQ Level 3

    It's not case Angry Mac of been random, it's called knowing your stuff which I do, Living in Portsmouth I know many Senior Officers in Pompey and within CTP and be rest assured will be addressing these issues so that Jack and other military personnel are not mislead I can categorically tell you that the LEVEL 3 from EDI IS NOT RECOGNISED in the Construction Industry as already stated.
    NVQ L3 is and so is the NVQ L2. If you do not believe me check with CSCS and C-Skills they will tell you.
    I have also asked what Level 3 they are offering. That was the question.
  16. UK Trades - ELC

    Right let`s clarify
    Leavers should be aware that they are not being trained in construction trades (Tiling, Plastering, Kitchen Fitting, Plumbing etc) to a level 3.
    They are being trained in "how to be succesfull in self employment" at EDI level 3, this is a non accreddited qualification, (not recognised) and so misleading people that they are gaining any construction skills, they will not be able to obtain CSCS cards or be trained in construction!
  17. Im on the 5 week multi-trade course at the moment, doing my second week and currently doing plastering. If anyone is intrested in a first hand account of UK Trades Training i have nothing but praise for the center and the staff at present.
    From the minute i walked in the door the atmosphere is informal and professional, a good balance i felt. We have been told from day one we are not here to walk out at the end of our course as qualified tradesmen, we're here to learn and to absorb the experience of fully qualified "old school tradesmen", basically its a jump start, a step up, inside information, whatever.
    Call it what you want, its a golden nuggett to me, to be able to absorb a few decades worth of experience, tips and training and walk out into the world with more than i walked in with, well thats priceless in my opinion and the fact I can obtain it through GRT, ELCAS etc is nothing short of outstanding value.
    As for no use because we gain no qualifications, i put a few pics up from tiling last week and ended up earning £140 doing a kitchen at the weekend and my customer, be it the wifes friend was more than happy. There are people earning money from these courses as soon as they finish especially military types because they turn up for jobs on time, they are trusted in peoples houses, they have a professional bearing. In my opinion the reason alot, and not all tradesmen are getting pissed off with training centers like this is because its "competition", they are basically having to compete with quotes, be more professional and raise thier game because ex forces guys have pensions, they can afford to do work at affordable prices, turn up looking smart with thier attitudes and basically impress thier customers.
  18. Hi New to this forum. Leave Army shortly looking at various courses for NVQL2/3 in certain trades. Been made redundant shortly look forward to New challenges that lay ahead. I was looking to use some of my money on Qualifications which I believe in. By all accounts there's too many Plumbers out there. Does UK Trades offer NVQs aswell. Much appreciated.

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