The words of the song...''throw those curtains wide, one day like this a year will see me right''

well today I have had such a day, since leaving the house this morning it has been memorable.....do not give a shit if the country is run by wankers who have put us trillions in debt nothing can spoil this day.
Just one reason why I could never leave this beautifull island.

Cheers :toothy2: :eek:ccasion5:


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So Stirling, why have you had such a good day? Nice to read something happy on this site for a while. I am also hoping to have a good day as am off camping today and hoping to get some surfing in and probably freeze my bits off!

I also love that song by Elbow, I saw them perform in a festival in Spain a month ago and there were amazing


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Maybe it's one of those annual occrences when he gets an "urge" & has to utilise it for fear of not knowing when the next one will occur.
Late 70's they had to re-route the east coast rail line from Selby to York cos of the impending opening up of the Selby coalfield. Sustrans then turned the redundant bit into a cycle track. 20 odd years later and all the tree planting Sustrans put in has matured and it is as though the cycle track has always been there. From my flat to what was the old Escrick station is 13 miles there and back, I do this route about 3 times a week walking at ramming speed it takes me about 3 hours, The abundance of wildlife, the peace and tranquility make this a magical place as I was born and brought up in the area , today I went off route down some unmade tracks that I had not been down for years and all those childhood memories came flooding back ( got loads of grit in my eye ) my route home takes me past Tesco's and a little red devil popped up on my right shoulder urging me to go in and buy a crate of BRAHMA to celebrate..... immediately followed by a white angel ( my consultant/CPN ) popping up urging me to resist the temptation..................................................

So I had a bag of chips smothered in curry sauce instead.

For me, a good day.
Was on the track again this morning, the original track bed is about 40 feet wide with the old BR fencing still in place, track is only 10 feet wide at best leaving loads of room for the mega planting of trees and bush put in by Sustrans.
So plenty of room for 2 way traffic, going along at my usual ramming speed keeping well over to the left verge allowing runners and cyclists coming up from the rear to pass, coming in the opposite direction 2 blokes and a bird on road skis and flailing poles line abreast not wanting to interupt their chit chat expecting me to jump out of the way, selfish barstewards, 10 paces from impact I bellowed in my best parade ground megaphone ' GANGWAY'.....which had the desired effect, as we crossed the expression on one of the blokes faces suggested he was mentally scanning his fresh underwear draw.

Made my day.
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