Ejector seats.

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Lecky, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. I was in the RAF in the fifties at RAF Binbrook, by 1952 we were getting rid of the Lincolns and receiving the Canberra. There were five Squadrons with Canberra's and to my knowledge there were no ejector seat accidents. When they came to the hangar for servicing all detonators were removed except for the main charge in the seats, which is fired by the top seat detonator when the seat has lifted four feet. The canopy, hatch and elevator tube detonators are left in place, but the fuse is removed. They were only replaced prior to taxying back to the dispersal. One day, soon after the Canbera's arrived, a weird contraption arrived. It was an ejector seat at the botom of a rather tall tower and it was to get the ground crew used to the seats. With only the top det' in. An erk would sit in the seat and and pull the blind and end up twenty feet up the tower. The lads running the rig wondered when the queue didn't seem to go down. Half the lads were rejoining the queue!!!!
    I have quite a few tales from my time in the RAF. Any one interested?

  2. :thumright: go to the thread on " ejection seat stories " maybe yours could be put their?? :thumright:
  3. No such thing during my Canberra days.
  4. The test rig obviously kept the crabs happy!!
    All we ever got was a visit from a team from Lee on the Sea, complete with a pussers blue bus fitted out as an instructional classroom with all of the types of seats that the navy used. It even visited helicopter stations like Portland. Just in case!!
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Before my (fish-head) Subs' air course our group, together with a group of RMYOs also doing courses, were mustered at Lee (Alverstoke?) and given a training ride on just such a contraption, so that we would not be overcome by surprise if we had to pull the blind in the Vampires we were going to ride in. At one point the thing jammed with an RMYO on it, right at the top, and he and the seat had to be winched down by hand. The whole thing was set up in an orchard which was rather negative apples by the time we had finished. Another day in the RN fun-fair.
  6. I joined in 63 and my first experience of the Ejection seat bus which was based at Seafield Park was in 64. It used to visit ALL air stations and a visit to it was mandatory for ALL wafus.
    The ejection seat simulator was never offered in my day, when I asked about this I was told that it caused too many back problems.
  7. In the vagaries of the mind I recollect the Ejector seat bus visiting Portland in the late 60's early 70's. I never bothered being a grubber and helichopters not being fitted with the dreaded seat!! (I believe it was compulsory for the back seat aircrews.)
  8. During time at Wyton, we had to pop upto the armoury once a year for a brief. At VL was carried out by senior WL locally.

    Surely fitting an ejector seat to a bus was a bit james bond!!!!
  9. There was the seat rack at Lossiemouth can`t remember the year, it was alongside the Safety Equipment section.
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Is my memory correct, did they have one (spring loaded) in a pool at Lee?
  11. You never saw the bus then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    0 to Mach 3.2 in 9 seconds!!!!!!

    Eeeeeeeee they don't make pussers buses like that anymore. The drivers needed something to get em clear in an accident. :tp:

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