In order to finish the porn movie that me'n'her are putting together
for uploading on to RedTube, I need some ideas as to what I can
yell at the moment of extreme sexual ecstasy. Checked out all
my collection of Betamax Porn Movies and they all use the same
words. Big f***ing grimace on the mush, followed by the usual
"I'm gonna CUM baby....yeahhhh....whoaaa......Urrghhhh!"
I've tried:
"I am about to let loose a tsunami of Luv-lard into your fun-tunnel!",
but I don't think it has the right "ring" to it.

All suggestions most gratefully appreciated.

Saw a Froggy porn movie in Athens, but we didn't get a handle on the plot because they were gibbering in French.

The money shot, however, went like this: Oui, oui, oui, oui, oui, ahhhhhhhhhh! C'est bon! (Spoken in your deepest, gruffest, tones.)

I actually find myself pretty sad that I can remember that after all those years.


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The Germans have it off to a tee with "Ja, ja, ich spritze".

However, i think you should adopt your own catchphrase. Just before you squirt your manfat on to Mrs Billynomates face/chest/tummy/arse, you should scream at the top of your voice "GERRRRRRTCHA COWSON" and then bang your cock off her nose for comedy effect. A bit like Gene Krupa doing a one handed paradiddle on a snare drum.

PS. Can i have a sneak preview?


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My usual speech when shooting my load is along the lines of.

"And if you even think of going to the police I will find you again and butcher your family.

You know you wanted this really"

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