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That is one real sad story.
Surely they could find a little corner in the Imperial War Museum to display her picture, a paragraph or two on her story and pride of place for her medals.


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Does anyone have a contact in the RBL at Torquay to give them the heads up if they haven't already had one?
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Tragic that she died alone and unnoticed. Nobody should end that way. Especially not such a brave and decent soul. RIP and sincerest condolence. Wish I still lived down in Exeter as then I'd pay respects properly. So tragic


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Looks like the media interest has had some effect, the BBC story has been updated and includes the following paragraphs.

BBC News said:
Torbay Council has arranged her funeral for 21 September. It was due to take place at Drakes Chapel in Torquay, but because of global interest in her story a church service is now being arranged and will involve members of the military.

Drakes of Torbay Funeral Service said they had received e-mails and phone calls from across the world from people who had been so moved by her plight that they were offering to pay for her funeral or wanting to send flowers.
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Yup, well done one and all, especially the RBL for saying (and saying loudly) that they'll be there. Apparently, the funeral home is footing the bill, there will be a church service and the coffin will be draped with a Union flag. THe more I've read about this lady's exploits, the sadder the story of her later life.

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