EH101 for Americans (Built by Americans)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chockhead819, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. Bloody typical of them, they did it with the harrier & now the EH101

  2. Re: Bloody Yanks


    "AgustaWestlandBell, prime sub-contractor to Lockheed Martin, is an American company based in Reston, Va. "

    Have they bought them out??
  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Re: Bloody Yanks

    Heard a buzz that the Pres wants one for Marine 1 but wants it built in the US.

    Changed the Topic Title as the original is misleading/leads nowhere. I expected a friendly fire story or a Hollywood rewrite of history.
  4. Had no idea they did CSAR.

    In fact, didn't know we had dedicated CSAR helichopters.
  5. Re: Bloody Yanks

    Check out the following:

    "In total, 23 operational VH-71s will be built for the Commander-in-Chief, with flights from the White House lawn beginning in late 2009."

    I remember this in the news about a year or two ago. True, Merlin might have cost the British taxpayer about £3 billion but it was worth every penny as it is not often a British project beats the American competition, especially when choosing the Aircraft to carry their President! Good job!
  6. Yanks aren't buying CSAR version as that would have killed off Chinook, so surprse surprise, they altered the specs so the Chinook could win and ordered that!

    But, hey, if they can sort out the glitches with it and make it better still, then perhaps the Junglies could finally be retired and replaced with Merlins with decent gearboxes!
  7. Very good idea!

    Last summer I was at an air display and was chatting to the bloke next to me who was an American Boeing engineer. He, understandably, was singing the Chinooks praises and giving some fair criticims of Merlin, such as "It would be a good helicopter if it did twice as much for half the cost." Then we saw the crab Merlin tilt nose down, and then go up and backwards (I don't know the techical terms). He stopped talking and went "Now that is impressive!"
  8. The gearbox is Italian by the way, I understand it looks very nice but is as reliable as one of their cars!!!
  9. Had a Fiat for 5 1/2 years - no problems - have a jag for 5 months back to dealer 5 times!!!
  10. You were lucky, but fair enough, I wouldn't buy a Landrover either!!

    I sell Kia cars, get the Koreans to do it, they're brilliant! Order yours via PM!!
  11. Don't knock Land rovers -----fine piece of kit and dirt cheap spares . Have had one for years .
    And the Land Rover Marque now belongs to Ford and the latest /newest Land Rover is a joy to behold.
  12. Was upgraded to a Diesel Autumatic Kia Carens at Gatwick on Christmas Eve cos they had run out of little cars because of the fog. Had it for 8 days great motor well fitted out except for strange foot/handbrake arrangement but of course there is always a BUT. As also reported in Which Car Mag. it just drank diesel needs tweeking to make it brilliant mate.

  13. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    With engineering by Jaguar, while Jaguar has engineering input from Land-Rover too (not to mention the Volvo and Ford input too) - the car industry is increasingly "badge engineering" these days with little difference between the companies; in a few years there'll be precious few car companies left (despite the profusion of brands on the market).
  14. The problem with the gearbox is that it si at it's maximum rating at start of the aircrafts life. Normally as aircraft age and get heavier you can uprate the engines for a bit more power to compensate. Trouble with the Merlin is that you won't be able to do that.....
  15. Merlins licence built in America seems fair. Westlands did, after all, licence build the Dragonfly, Whirlwind and Seaking from Sikorsky. If I remember rightly, they also improved them.
  16. We have both a Vauxhall and Kia franchise, the MD decided he was better than that and bought himself a Range Rover Sport! I laugh at him every time he closes the boot and the number plate lights fall out!! That is the most obvious fault, it has tonnes of others. He should have bought a Sorento, or just used the company one, so much better built!

    Nutty, just come out of the manual Carens as my company car, 4 pedals is confusing, but it is what Merc have always done and if it's good enough fo them... Fuel consumption, it's a fair cop, they take some running in (about 20,000 miles) before they come good.

    Having said all that, I'd still let the Koreans design and build the gearbox for the Merlin. I understand, from a young lady from Benson that bought a car from me, that there are some British designed and built gearboxes, stacked in crates waiting to be fitted. It was identified as a weakness very early in the development of the AC but due to contracts couldn't be upgraded during production and can't be replaced now until that contract ends! Is this a gen dit?
  17. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    More EH101s less 'Top Gear'.
  18. analogy Show phonetics
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  19. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    noemis, subtle point accepted.
  20. Worried that we might start to fall out for a minute!!

    Keep up the good work!

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