Egyptian AFO's

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by invinoveritas, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. After all these years I think I've found the author of those execrably written Arabic equivalent Mills and Boon's.
    He's one of RR's subscribers. You'll know the one I mean.
    That's him

    Any ex-matelot on a run ashore in Port Said or walking a few steps from the main gates of HMS's Sheba or Jufair will have been offered them for sale.

    The Nobel Prize for Literature wasn't on the author's horizon with such gems as " She strocked his cook and he fingrd and messaged her wet pussy". Get's you right here doesn't it?
  2. Hello Norman.
  3. Stob! Stob! she cribed, as the spug ran down her thigies
    You'll give me a burberry
  4. The reason, I use misspelt swear words is that you can then open threads using PCs that have filter programmes attached. If people spell the expletives correctly the filter prevents the thread being opened and that really fecks me off when its a slow day at work,
    Not that as a hard working Local Government Officer I would dream of spending time browsing through disreputable sites for amusement, Oh no.
  5. Far Canal! Fork Tiff eye no! Us grumpy bars teds who often vent our wrath using good old Anglo Saxon expletives.....and work for Local Govt (or the MOD) would n-e-v-e-r for king surf unsavoury web sites when we should be for king grafting. I mean....far canal!...the boss might give us a ball hacking...and the boss...well he's a right sCUNThorpe. :shakefist:
  6. I've looked through my library and don't appear to have a copy ot the one you've quoted from. Sounds awfully good though.
  7. indeed it does old chap

    Joan xx
  8. Anyone know where I can get hold of copies of these veritable tomes?
    For erm, er, research!, yes, research! :)
  9. Bollix!
  10. I remember one, (sic) ........ enoug, enoug, she creed, as i fugged her on the soda
  11. Another part line: "stob, stob" she screwed, "I am half way to Executer, and I feel like an Oggy special". Poor girl, must have been from that town just up the A38...................
  12. "Stob, Stob," she crid, "I'm a vermin, you're hurling me!" the spug rolled dun her thigs!

    ...........and they rold on the soda in exeter!
  13. Think I still have one--Fatima and Jack go in the Perfumed Graden.

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