Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. (Reuters) - Egypt's street protesters pushed President Hosni Mubarak into naming a deputy on Saturday for the first time in his 30 years in power, but many went on defying a curfew, urging the army to join them in forcing Mubarak to quit.
    In making intelligence chief Omar Suleiman vice-president, many saw Mubarak edging towards an eventual, military-approved handover of power.
    The 82-year-old former general has long kept his 80 million people guessing over succession plans that had, until this week, seemed to focus on grooming his own son.
    The elevation of Suleiman, a key player in relations with Egypt's key aid backer the United States, and the appointment of another military man, Ahmed Shafiq, as prime minister, pleased some Egyptians worried about a descent into chaos and looting.

    The future of Egypt now seems to hang in the hands of the army, will they back Mubarak or the people, I hope it's the people as the dictator Mubarak backed by the USA has overseen abuse, oppression and torture of his people for 30 years. It would appear that the popular uprising in Tunisia has given the Egyptians the courage to take on this despotic regime and it's my belief that these recent events could be the catalyst for further action in the Middle East to remove unelected leaders. It's interesting to note that Obama has stated that the people must be heard, better late than never I suppose and the same applies to our lot.
  2. Another one of Finx's anti-American ramblings..................the Hully Gully men plying their trade at Port Said will survive and prosper ... despite what's going on in the land of the's been going on for 5000 years... and it will continue.
  3. Christ that could be some headache for the Foreign office and the British Embassy in Cairo repatriating all those Hully Gullys back safe and sound to Hull if the old brown stuff hits the fan.
    On an other note I wouldn't mind betting that events over the past few months in North Africa and the Levant have concentrated some minds in Israel.They have lost one tame state to the north,Turkey and it looks like they could be losing another tame state to their West Egypt oops.
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  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    What if ... John Foster Dulles had not persuaded Eisenhower to cancel the US funding of the Aswan dam in 1956 ...
  5. I must admit a lack of understanding re.the Middle Eastern Politics.
    Some Muslim countries like Iran[as it used to be and may still be in parts]Egypt an a couple of others allow women[and Persian women are the most beautiful I've seen apart from Brazilian]allow make up,expensive make up and dresses etc,others stone and execute people for reasons that are inevitable in a secular state.
    Which way will it go?the women cannot overcome the hard line Islamists who want adulterous women stoned to death[although I gather that is not part off the Koran]
    Other countries execute you for listening to music yet Cat Stevens, as he was, is still raking in vast amounts by singing and his royalties.
    I respect all religions as I have none nor will ever have one,but the diff.between Sunni and the other one[I forget] have caused untold bloodshed.
    Rambling a bit but this is a tinderbox that will explode.
    Do we risk losing the Suez again?I was just to late for the last Suez control effort,I doubt we could do it again.
    I just don't know re. the Muslim religion but I never understood the Christian one either with the horrific accounts of the Spanish Inquisition.
    Got me beat.
    Except to state religion has caused massive loss of life down the centuries so how can it be respected?
  6. Should we not send in a gunboat to bring out the Hully Gully men???
  7. I think they've got their own transport Albert, and steady on with the old gunboat malarkey dear boy we are in a recession.:pottytrain2:
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  8. So it's not true then?
  9. Of course it's not true fink you need to watch more Fox News read the Sun, News of the World and the Times for a truly blinkered and corrupted world view all courtesy of Rupert Murdoch's News international corp.:-D
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  10. Aye, the West and in particular the USA do keep some very unsavoury bed partners, it's my belief that the USA used Mubarak's regime in their torture by proxy programme.
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  11. Talking of unsavoury bed partners, Were'nt we part of that under the last Government Finks? Unmarked aircraft passing through the UK. What was it called? Extraordinary Rendition.
  12. Indeed we were and our previous government are just as culpable as the Yanks.
  13. Whoops... No more Israeli Naval transits of the Suez Canal. No more use of the Egyptian army to maintain the Israeli open air concentration camp in Gaza. A very professional Egyptian army now sitting in West Sinai, very pissed off with the 30 year old forced peace agreement with Israel. Writing writ large on the wall for Abbas and his PA cronies collaborating with Tel Aviv in the West Bank. Hezb'allah in power in the Levant. Turkey now rabidly anti-Zionist. Cyprus, Ireland and Paraguay the latest countries to recognize a Palestinian State. The USA and Britain who have been supporting these corrupt regimes for short-term advantage are seen to be on the wrong side of history and Mrs. Clinton's latest ramblings show her to be a day late and a dollar short. What's not to like here.
  14. It looks like Israel could be staring down at one mother fcuker of a mixie blob tonight .Ho hum live by the sward:sleepy2:
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  15. It seems that Yarmouth Navigator was being prepared to re-enter service when it sank.
    A gully-gully man had been drafted aboard to entertain passengers and crew but has now returned home to the El Morocco Greasy Spoon in Stockport.
  16. I see the media have trotted out Blair for his opinion on the current crisis, every time I see or hear that man I feel the bile rising. Middle East Envoy, now there's a bad joke if ever there was one, I mean how could any Arab ever trust that weasel?
  17. Don't have to be an Arab !............anyway, the Hully Gully men don't trust anyone, only members of Her Majesty's Royal Navy who happen to be transiting the Suez canal. :farao:
  18. I cannot recall who told me that the Union of Hully-Gully men are prime movers in the Muslim Brotherhood, so nothing to fear there.
  19. The only thing the Hully Gully men move is their bum boats alongside ships for which to trade their tacky gippo trinkets and therefore a profit to make. feckall to to do with brothers of muslins or whatever. Picture Del boy ... circa 3000 BC.

  20. It was tongue in cheek FD.

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