Egypt talks aim to end Iraq chaos

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by PartTimePongo, May 2, 2007.

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    I despair. Just why is this bloody woman still in this job?
  2. Probably cos she is the best of a bad bunch, not being sexist or racist either but sending a black female to talk peace to sand people is ridiculous, zero credibility.
  3. Not a racist statement at all Ling. Sending a Black woman to talk to racist mysoginists in a lot of cases, sends a message you're not taking them seriously.

    Sending a Black woman with a proven history of defending Israel at all costs, justs puts the icing on the cake.

    However, sending a Black man who is a proven Combat Commander would work, as the respect is already there for the warrior caste.

    Oh wait, he told the adminstration to ram it.
  4. What ever happenned to Colin Powell?
    he wouldhave made an excellent President,and I bet we would not be in Iraq now.
  5. He re-swung his moral compass Slim.

    Always remember one visit he made to Iraq. Unannounced, unscripted, got off the plane with the press team. Within 5 minutes, there were humvees and people running in from all directions as word got round Habbiniyah that he was there.

    Powell stopped to give an unscripted, unannounced press conference. The very real and obvious pleasure he felt to be amongst "his people" showed. Their pleasure that he was there was really evident.

    The conference collapsed into laughing , smiling. joking and casual "Hey Sir, one with me for the wife and kids?" photocalls.

    He was totally at ease with the troops, and the troops at ease with him, for they knew he was one of them. It was superb to watch.

    In total contrast to the carefully choreographed ,managed visits of Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush.
  6. .....and Blair and Brown and Hoon and Browne and Uncle Tom Cobbley.......
  7. Indeed Ed,

    Though I wouldn't level quite the same accusation at Reid, who displayed much evident pleasure to be around the Forces and playing with War Toys.

    In marked contrast to TCH.

    I don't think Reid ever fell asleep iin a briefing, or refused to meet troops.

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