Effect of the bad economy on RN recruitment?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by dunkers, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. Unemployment is rising and the RN is recruiting. Does this mean that the number of recruits is likely to increase, and ease up the undermanning / gapping problem? Anyone seen anything to suggest this?

    The armed forces have done well (for manpower) out of a poor economy in the past. Now that jobs are increasingly scarce and Britain is withdrawing from Iraq, will the RN be seeing an increase in applications, if it isn't already.

    Just a thought.
  2. The numbers coming through the door always go up at this time of the year. But yes it does seem to be making a difference to the number of applications.


  3. Just two days ago I saw a Navy advertisement on the TV for aircrew, surely that means they are still able to actively recruit despite the economic downturn? Its certainly a positive for me!
  4. Oh good.
    New recruits that don't really want to be here and are just running away from the "crunch". Woopee doo. Can't wait for them to get to the real RN.
  5. I don't think its fair on those who really want to join up because waiting time increases for example.
  6. I imagine that they'll incrase. A career guaranteed for up to 24 years-assuming 16 when you enter- for most. In the recession, who would complain?

    Go in, qualify as this, that or another for free and leave after your minimum term to get a job elsewhere.

    I agree with Katy, though.
  7. The Forces have always been an option for those who're on their chinstraps in civvydom, it doesn't make them any worse or better Recruits than those who join for other reasons, ie going to the Royal Tournament (Or it's downscaled modern equivalent, a stand with a few pamphlets at the local jumble sale.) as a nipper and deciding "That's the job for me.".
    It could even be a motivation factor during training, as they know they're options outside are limited and therefore they'll dig out to ensure they pass.
  8. You do have a point NZ_Bootneck
  9. Would you like to see it? :thumright:

    Sorry for lowering the tone.
  10. Might not be all bad shippers. I ran away from a crap job at Asda, 11 years on I've got a good career on the go and am loving it, generally.

    You always get a certain percentage of dross, but they either leave or get "persuaded" into better ways.
  12. But won't the increased number of applications allow for more stringent recruit selection? Since there will be a greater supply of "good" applicants?
  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I joined up because the company I was working for went into liquidation and the dole queue was about 3 million people long! 25 years later I decided I'd had enough fun. All of the dross had dropped out after the first real challenge they faced at Raleigh or Daedalus only those who enjoyed it stayed on, those who weren't interested just couldn't maintain the motivation to put up with the bullshit.
  14. Considering how long it takes to change anything in the mob, how long do you think it would take to implement more stringent selection of recruits?
  15. Have the RN still got the NAMET? They used to keep dropping the scores on that to get more Killicks etc, so if it does remain, I suppose to get in the Mob now you might need a 1:1 and to be a Tiff maybe a 3:3? Or am I just a silly old sceptic?
  16. By the time it was implemented, the economy would be hoofing again.
    Which means we'd have shot ourselves in the foot. So yeah good point :thumright:

  17. Damn, dipped out again!
  18. You never dipped in
  19. Nobody dips out some dip in more than others!
  20. There is no NAMET now S-B, but if there was a 1-1 to enter would be a huge rise in standards, not a drop (0-0 was the highest).

    There are no longer tiffs joining either I'm afraid.

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