EEC Constitution Lock In by Bliar

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by TerryB, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. Serious stuff, if any part of it is true

    On MARCH 25th in Berlin, Blair will sign a 50 page `Declaration on the Future of Europe' without consulting the UK people. A binding treaty that embodies "basic laws" for 490 million people in 27 countries based on a despised constitution, rejected by voters across Europe. Nine countries with over 150 million people turned it down or, decided not to put it to the vote. Blair alone has decided the UK will not vote. If you don't want to be controlled by a European Federation, we must demand a national referendum NOW , otherwise it will create:
    • A PERMANENT, unelected, EU president. A sole voice for Europe serving a 5 year term.

    • FULL-TIME foreign and defence ministers for Europe meaning powers like China and America will by-pass Britain to speak directly to them.

    • A REFORMED European parliament drawing up its own laws. Britain couldn't veto its decisions and each member states government loses the right to "opt out" of EU laws & treaties.

    ACT NOW or be slaves to the EU forever.

    Sign up here:
  2. Signed it - the sooner they are gone the better.
  3. Signed it.
    Do not agree with the idea of blair making decisions like that without putting it to the people first, funny idea of democracy that man has!!
  4. Signed up.The sooner he and all his cronies go the better
  5. Honestly don't see a problem.
    The Consitution even in its' present form has been ratified by a majority of EU members.
    We've spent hundreds of years fighting our neighbours at terrible cost; if what we do now is jaw jaw rather than war war I can't see a thing wrong with it.
    Most of our laws which protect the individual against maltreament and discrimination came from Europe.
  6. Sussex you don't have to "War War" to have a decent trade agreement, that's what most of the population thought they signing up to in the 70's. We are an independent island nation. We do not want, nor need another layer of unelected burocracy(?)sp. making laws that have no bearing on our way of life. This is a gravy train for failed or time expired politicians. It is being driven in the main by Germany and France, countries who have gained more out of us with a pen and the EU regulations than they ever managed with bomb and bullet.
    Bliar knows he can't get it passed the people Great Britain, that's why he is "back dooring it". The B'stard ought to be tried for treason.
  7. bugger, its closed :(

  8. I wonder if our Tony has his eye on this job? :?
  9. He's probably got a couple of rivals ---- Mandelson / Blunkett / Reid / Kinnock (Mr & Mrs) to name a couple.....all also having ideas of being brave and taking the role on (all in the interests of the people of course :wink: ).
  10. Point taken but I've never had much of the island mentality, given neither of my parents came from UK origins.
    I believe what you say may have been correct a decade or two ago but with the emergence of new members the situation has changed.
    Living and working in three EU member states I like the freedom it gives me to move about and work or live where I will without hinderance.
    Also the Uk must be unique in the EU in not having a written constitution stating the rights and responsibilities of the citizen.
    'The power of the state lies in the people' are the first words of the Spanish constitution and I quite like that.

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