Edwardian dressed sailors

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by norman, May 3, 2007.

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  1. How long will it be before we stop dressing our junior sailors like rich children from the Edwardian period? Canada has stopped South Africa too-- but the UK ? Light years behind
  2. do you have a pic of this phenomenon?
  3. How long will it take before we stop dressing our sailors in blue?
    Thats SSSOOOOOOO last year!
  4. yes it`s all pink and fluffy now.
  5. If you lose the square rig you lose the traditions that go with it. I'll accept and agree with you that the rating's square rig isn't really appropriate for working on a modern warship, nor is it the best uniform perhaps for working ashore. But on the parade square, which is normally full of every tradition in the Royal Navy, what else could be more appropriate?
  6. And it has always been the best rig for going Ashore.
  7. How did they manage in the years gone before?????????????????
  8. Is this another post of Normn's which should disappear, as if by magic? My vote is yes!
  9. Yes, let's destroy a source of the RN's pride in itself (square rig), thereby helping destroy its fighting effectiveness. Good one Norman!

    No pride = no hope!
  10. While we're at it get rid of the Household Division and hire Securicor, cant see HRH still wanting to serve with that lot so prob re deployment solved too!! :lol: :lol:
  11. This motion well and truly upheld! Vive la Navy Royale grosse britannique et les traditiones ancienne...etc.
  12. In the mid-1970's the USN Chief of Naval Operations in his infinite wisdom decided to "modernize" the uniform for the Navy Enlisted man. The result was a cross between a civilian airline pilot & a bellhop. I was unfortunate enough to live through this debacle. Nothing like walking though an airport and be asked for directions to baggage claim because you are mistaken for a tour bus driver. I can't count the number of times I had to explain to some civilian that;

    "No Mam, I don't work for the Airlines, I'm a sailor in the Navy. Yes Mam, our Navy. I know Mam, I don't look like a sailor but I am, really."

    This sad experiment ended after about 7 years. The Navy returned to the traditional uniform much to the relief of every sailor then serving. I hope & pray that the RN doesn't go down the same path.
  13. Touching a raw nerve am I ?
    If you are abbreviating Norman's Pray learn that it not Normn's
  14. Edwardian rich kid.[​IMG]
  15. is that matelot having a phot taken..........on an allotment?
  16. No hes just been grown from a seed!Dont you know nuffin??? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. Nice to see that the submariners standard rig hasn`t changed a lot

  18. I KNOW HIM!!! (That was last week, right?) :D
  19. Remember Pay Days like this?

  20. If the sailors costume is so wonderful lets dress the officers up in it, they wouldnt have it, would they? because they know how to dress with dignity. I used to hate wearing the sailor suit., ill fitting and scruffy, designed by a bunch of press ganged matelos in the 1800s and not changed since, since when have anyone needed a piece of material on their back to stop pig tails soiling your jacket, or a piece or string round your neck to carry a penknife, and a hat thats a facsimile of a milk churn lid. If you went into town in wearing it you were typcast as a pisshead, you would be standing in a bar enjoying a quite pint when the locals would start whispering "whats up with jolly jack, why isnt he standing on his head and pissing up against the wall" No thanks the powers that be can stuff thier stupid and ridicalous outfit, and whoever is resposible for junior ratings clothing and equipment should have been shot as dead as a skunk years ago.

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