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A couple of years ago, I was working as a temp doing an admin job. It bored me to death but hey, it was a job. The whole admin team was made up of temps. A couple of the girls were only young (17 and 19). They were sweet girls and not stupid but because of troubled childhoods, neither was particularly well educated.

One day, the boss made the sarcastic comment, "Churchill would be proud"

In all seriousness, one asked who Churchill was and the other muttered something about the TV dog.

I was aghast and said, "Only the best Prime Minister this country has ever had. The man who stopped Hitler."

A little voice next to me said, "I thought that was Marvin Luther King."

During our information section of the RT test for't RN a lad popped his hand up and spat "scuse me, what's a ethnic minority??" to stunned silence and a bewildered CPO trying to explain, punctuated with many uhs and umms :lol:
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