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In my case I've finished my gcse tests months ago now achieving decent grades ( not to sure if I should say what I got ). Just wondering if these results can restrict someone from being able to get promoted to a certain level or maybe, let's say you have a certain preference to train/work on a specific aircraft which is a very popular and spaces are limited maybe, would gcse or any type of education results like degrees or A-levels etc help/hinder someone? Does it opens more doors?



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For promotion beyond CPO, you need GCSE's.

It neither helps or hinders promotion as a rating however, it may open doors to gaining a commission if you have a minimum of 5 GCSE's A*-C, including maths & English....if you also have adequate leadership/management potential.

The thing to be wary of is assuming academic attainment is an indicator of anything beyond eligibility for promotion. Nowadays we are seeing more & more graduates joining as Ratings. Why? Because there are more graduates and a degree bears no relevance to leadership potential or aptitude although it may present more accesbility for the individual to acquire those skills whilst at uni.
This is my first post on here but I had another question along this vain. If I do poorly in my A-levels but still get grades good enough to meet the 180 UCAS points needed to apply, will it affect my possibilities of actually passing AIB and being accepted into BRNC? Will my grades be compared to that of the other applicants to decide if I get a place or not, will I be more likely to get a place with higher grades or is it more based on management and leadership qualities shown than academic ability?

Thanks in advance :)


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Selection is based on the AIB grades, not academic achievement. In other words a person applying (for a branch that does not require vocational qualifications) who has a PhD is no more likely to be selected than someone meeting the minimum required academic qualifications. Unless they otherwise score exactly the same at AIB & are otherwise exactly the same in all other aspects of selection.
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