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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by fenderct, Feb 26, 2015.

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  1. Just a quick question, I'm sure that there is something somewhere on the Royal Navy website but I quite enjoy getting a response from another human.

    I was curious to know what sort of education you get in the RN, as in, do you get education points (something I heard somewhere) or do you just ask if you can start an A-Level or something? I'm asking this as I am also curious about opportunity's for driving lessons and whether the Navy will provide me with this opportunity or if I will have to do it in any spare time I do get (not a lot I know).

    For anyone wondering, I am 16 and starting basic training in July shortly after I have finished my GCSE's. I have contemplated staying on into Sixth Form or college but I decided that this is what I wanted to do, however if I get the opportunity to take an A-Level whilst I'm in there I'm not one to pass that opportunity off.

    Many Thanks

  2. If you can do it at college be fore joining its much easier. Doing it once in is like doing night school, possible but much harder. For the first couple of years you will be too busy trade training, learning the job etc. to take on extra.
    Then at sea the same so that rights off the first 3 years. then studying for promotion if you want to get on. etc.etc. etc. So do it at college first.

    Driving licence, same as every one else in the country. The number of drafts that would require the Mob to teach you to drive are few, very few and like most things these days they will use some one that already has one first.
  3. Did most of my civvy quals by distance learning. Some of my exams were at sea (A level Geography). It is possible however you have to be very disciplined.

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  4. I have a start date in July so I think college is a bit out the window ;)

    So I don't get any extra time to learn to drive/credits? It's only because I remember hearing somewhere that you get learning credits that you can choose when and where to spend, I could be very wrong though :') Okay cool, thank you :)
  5. Do they limit you as to what you could take for an A-Level? or could you just pick and choose?
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  6. You can do A level Internet porn searching (ask Billy) if you can find a college doing it. It's upto you to do the work the education centre/officer will help where they can. You will get a lot of cash every year to use for education if you choose. I used it every year in my last 10 even if it was to do a GCSE.

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  7. Hahahahaha I'll just not question it ;) Thank you very much
  8. When (if) you get an inboard draft after you've been in a while, you can do day release. I did an HNC on day release which the Navy paid for, it had to be beneficial to the mob as well though, meaning I was an electrical rate (known as a greenie in the mob) and the HNC was in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The mechanical guys in the workshop I was in were doing HNC's in Mechanical Engineering, we were right girly swots in that workshop :D

    A levels you do in your own time but, as has been said, any subject you want. Lots of people do OU degrees as well.
  9. Got my professional quals through the education office. registered through them, paid the fees got time off for some of the residential bits plus exams with milage (duty trips) and got reimbursed when I got my Diploma in my sticky little mit.
  10. I'm interested in that, I think I'm already quite good at the practical aspect of searching so would just need the academic stuff to finish me off!
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  11. Education in the Service falls into two themes - what the Service wants you to have and what you want to achieve for yourself.
    Your trade training will give you the quals to work, you may then be able to take that knowledge further. You will, over time, do courses that may have attached
    There have been people who have done degrees, masters, even doctorates during their time, sometimes with help from the Service, some they pay for themselves.
    The learning bit doesn't end when you leave with access to other stuff being available - it never ends, just take your time, it will all become apparant as you go on.
  12. Cheers man:)
  13. Trainer

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    You can use your £175 annual Standard Learning Credit towards driving lessons.
  14. that's probably what I heard! :) Thanks:D
  15. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    3 GCSEs, an AS Level, a Degree, a Postgraduate Diploma, all whilst in service and mostly on the company dollar - and those are just the academic qualifications I did.
  16. wooow fair enough. I'm mainly looking to take a levels where and if possible:)
  17. Joining as an ETME is it normal that ratings can get their HNC and HND in Mechanical Engineering? Any help is appreciated thanks.
  18. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    As am ETME you will get a Foundation Degree.
  19. With the caveat that it can only be used towards your first licence (i.e. if you have car you can't use it for motorcycle licence), just in case anyone else reading wishes to follow that route.
  20. Do they pay up after you pass, as they did on some of the Ed courses I did, or up front?

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