Education in our Schools

slim said:
This experiment has been tried and it failed. Admittedly it was only with one person, a young boy. He was given all the advantages of a privileged education and at the end of it reverted to type.
I know that not all children are in care for bad behaviour and I think that if the system is going to have any success at all it should be these children who benefit.

I would suggest that the value of the 'experiment' you quote is non existant, it has no scientific value what ever, where as sending a substantial number would probably give us a better idea of the effectiveness of the approach. As it costs less than 'care' it is well worth trying.

Your comments on the 'safri holidays' was equally incorrect, such programmes despite their labels by the 'hang em high' brigade have been shown time and time again to reduce re-offending. Now if it reduces the number of victims, which should after all be our first interest, is it not a viable way forward. I might add that a fair number of those who have actually been on such programmes would not see them as a 'reward'.

As for children in care considering the state many actually come out of care in I would suggest that the potential opportunity from attending a minor public school is what we owe them.



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At last we can get back to crossing swords again Peter.
Where can I find detailed figures on whether or not a safari stopped a juvenile delinquent re-offending?

If we owe those children in care a public school education then how much more do we owe those children who have successfully kept out of trouble?

Sink estates where many deprived children are bred where not always sink estates, many were well built council housing schemes. Who turned these schemes into sink estates?

Isn't it about time that authority stopped being blamed for all the problems of the (usually) non working population and these people started to live a useful life without having to rely on social workers and the like?

Hers one that failed I am still trying to find some whch worked:

and more:


So does Tony's idea that the world would be a better place if all the scrotes got a 3rd class degree in media studies then an ASBO, instead of just an ASBO, not work? There's a surprise!


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Re Polish tradesmen:-

I have recently been made redundundant from a company opened with a huge amount of government money to produce products for the renewable energy industry, wave generators and wind turbines.

Most of the trades employed were the trades common in the oil and gas industries, welders, platers, fitters etc. The company had great difficulty in recruiting UK tradesmen as they could not or would not pay wages at a level attractive enough to bring guys in from the rigs. The answer to the problem was, via an agency, to hire Polish shipyard tradesmen who were paid at the same level as a UK unskilled labourer. The Polish boys were happy enough with the wages and intimated that even though the wage was considered low by UK standards it certainy gave themselves and their families a higher standard of living.

Also on our wee Scottish island some of the main employers are the Salmon and Prawn processing factories in common with many other communities in the North and West of Scotland. I worked in one of these Salmon factories for a while as a fill-in job and the working regime was Draconion to say the least. Not good for an ex RN submariner used to "free speech". The wages in these factories are usually at the National Mimimun Wage Level and to keep the wage bill down the majority of the employees were under 21. Even with a fairly large unemployment level on the Island it became almost impossible to recruit UK residents. Many people preferred unemployment to working for peanuts in sh**ty basic conditions with supervisors who would put a rabid Jossman to shame. Did the company improve the wages and/or conditions, no they employed East European and Polish staff and at busy periods Anzac backpackers.

On a recent visit to Inverness I was amazed at the diversity and incidences of East European languages being spoken and some of the shops even had multi language signs in their windows.

If this influx of EU member state nationals continues will our own kids of whatever level or standard of education be able to find employment?