Education: Commons Defence Committee Seeks Your Input

We've just had this by email which I'm sure will be a subject of considerable interest to many of us. Certainly an opportunity to make your views known on subjects such as CEA or drafts half way through the academic year.

The Defence Committee invites Service personnel and their families to take part in an on-line forum we have set up for you to contribute to these inquiries.

The National Audit Office is running two online surveys for us, the questionnaires are on their website at Current surveys: Consultations for the Defence Select Committee - National Audit Office until the end of February or you can get to them through our website at Defence Committee - UK Parliament.

We want to hear your views - please take this opportunity to tell us your experiences of:

  • The education for Service children
  • The education of Armed Forces personnel
More information is on our website at Defence Committee - UK Parliament
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