Educating Service children - HC Defence Committee Report

It may be of interest to serving Rum Rationers that the House of Commons Defence Committee recently published their Eleventh Report of the 2005-06 Session entitled:

Educating service children.

HC Paper (2005-06) 1054 [ISBN: 021 503062 1] priced £20.
The Report is not yet available free online, but will become available hopefully later this year, via:

It discusses the detrimental effect of frequent moves on the educational attainment and emotional wellbeing of the children of serving service personnel and expresses scepticism that either the MOD or DfES pay sufficient attention to this problem. It recommends that there should be better communication between the MOD, DfES and the devolved administrations. Its other noticable recommendation is that the MOD should increase the provision of telephone and internet access for Service personnel on operations [and by extension, to naval personnel at sea] to facilitate communication with their children.

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