Edinburgh and The Lake District

Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by older_joiner, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. I'm planning on a trip to Edinburgh to coincide with the Fringe festival, coming back via a trek up Ben Nevis and the lakes.
    It looks like I will be driving as a one way bus journey at its cheapest is £22 to Edinburgh and leaves planning a bit of a nightmare on the way back. As there will be two of us, it should be about £50 each in fuel for the whole journey.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for B&B's or hostels in Edinburgh, and indeed parking. I was thinking just taking the car to a airport carpark as they're around £20 for 4 days which would be fine as I wouldn't be using a car while there, however if i can find a B&B with parking that would save on that.

    I am also looking to dump the car for a few days somewhere when I get to the lakes and pick it up for my return journey which will be via Manchester to visit a friend.

    Anyone have any experience with the 2 locales and any recommendations I would appreciate it.


    edit- I have a list of phone numbers I will be trying Wednesday to check availability. I'm looking at somewhere a bit out from the City Centre and a few miles each way is no drama and from the looks of it, the price per night drops quite a bit.
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  2. B&B during the Festival season in Edinburgh is both expensive and usually booked well in advance. If you have your car, then a better option would be to head over the bridge to Fife. There are plenty of B&Bs in Dunfermline or possibly Inverkeithing, and you can travel into Edinburgh by train from either of these, or by bus from the park & ride at Inverkeithing. There is also a Holiday Inn Express in Dunfermline, which should be competetively priced.
  3. When I worked in Rosyth as a contractor many years ago I always stayed in Kirkaldy. Good train links to Edinburgh and lots of cheap digs.
    Plus you may just get the added bonus of getting that clown Brown into a corner and giving him a piece of your mind
  4. is more likely to be found in N Queensferry where he lives rather than out and about in his constituency.
  5. You could try the premier inn or ramada in Livingston. Only 15 mins from Edinburgh by car and quite likely to have vacancies.
  6. Gifford is near Haddington

    2 Inns - the Goblin Ha and the Tweedale arms

    both cheap with good food

    bus's into Haddington then Edinburgh = travel time 45 mins

    proper country setting
  7. Thanks for the input and ideas.

    After a lot of leg work as a first point of call, I have managed to get a B&B 2k from the city centre for £200 for 3 nights with off road parking.
    It might turn out to be naff, however it's only somewhere for us to get our heads down.

    Joe_Crow- I tried the Holiday in. £304 for 3 nights!

    Rigsby- as with where her Majesty is sending me, I will try and visit Gifford next year or so. Thanks for the info.
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Try B&B's about Glasgow city center and catch the train across to auld reekie. Do both cities at once and then nip up the A82.

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