Edinburgh and The Lake District

I'm planning on a trip to Edinburgh to coincide with the Fringe festival, coming back via a trek up Ben Nevis and the lakes.
It looks like I will be driving as a one way bus journey at its cheapest is £22 to Edinburgh and leaves planning a bit of a nightmare on the way back. As there will be two of us, it should be about £50 each in fuel for the whole journey.

Does anyone have any recommendations for B&B's or hostels in Edinburgh, and indeed parking. I was thinking just taking the car to a airport carpark as they're around £20 for 4 days which would be fine as I wouldn't be using a car while there, however if i can find a B&B with parking that would save on that.

I am also looking to dump the car for a few days somewhere when I get to the lakes and pick it up for my return journey which will be via Manchester to visit a friend.

Anyone have any experience with the 2 locales and any recommendations I would appreciate it.


edit- I have a list of phone numbers I will be trying Wednesday to check availability. I'm looking at somewhere a bit out from the City Centre and a few miles each way is no drama and from the looks of it, the price per night drops quite a bit.
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B&B during the Festival season in Edinburgh is both expensive and usually booked well in advance. If you have your car, then a better option would be to head over the bridge to Fife. There are plenty of B&Bs in Dunfermline or possibly Inverkeithing, and you can travel into Edinburgh by train from either of these, or by bus from the park & ride at Inverkeithing. There is also a Holiday Inn Express in Dunfermline, which should be competetively priced.
When I worked in Rosyth as a contractor many years ago I always stayed in Kirkaldy. Good train links to Edinburgh and lots of cheap digs.
Plus you may just get the added bonus of getting that clown Brown into a corner and giving him a piece of your mind


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Gifford is near Haddington

2 Inns - the Goblin Ha and the Tweedale arms

both cheap with good food

bus's into Haddington then Edinburgh = travel time 45 mins

proper country setting
Thanks for the input and ideas.

After a lot of leg work as a first point of call, I have managed to get a B&B 2k from the city centre for £200 for 3 nights with off road parking.
It might turn out to be naff, however it's only somewhere for us to get our heads down.

Joe_Crow- I tried the Holiday in. £304 for 3 nights!

Rigsby- as with where her Majesty is sending me, I will try and visit Gifford next year or so. Thanks for the info.


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Try B&B's about Glasgow city center and catch the train across to auld reekie. Do both cities at once and then nip up the A82.
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