Anyone else not give a monkeys that French firm EDF who have just had the nuclear accident in France - and not the first either - have withdrawn from the pathetic attempt to sell off the last industry in the world that should be run on a commercial basis (due to it being dangerous and you can't trust anyone in business to tell the truth).

I can't say that I'm happy to have all our energy sources in foreign hands. I got the impression that it was a bankrupt government trying to sell off more of the family silver. I also expect that Johnny Frog wanted a lower price if he was to take on, at risk, a future liability (decommission time).

Some knowledgeable type on the wireless this morning (what I could hear of it! has Radio 4 reduced its transmitted power over the past week?) reckoned that it's only the big bid that's failed. It seems they may come back when it comes to selling individual facilities.

Has that chap with the big chopper got some particular significance? or do you just like violent chaps with big choppers?