Ed Miliband wins Labour leadership race

Having handed my card back over the invasion of Iraq I had no vote but I am pleased from the choice of candidates that Ed won. Let us hope that they can now muster a robust opposition as we are going to bloody well need one.
He will be glad of your support Fink as it seems he didn't carry the support of the majority of his fellow Labour MPs nor that of the individual Labour Party membership.The block votes of the Union bosses have carried him home and then only just.As an acolyte of the outgoing party leader and the author of the Labour Party manifesto is he really the person to carry Labour forward and does he have the experience and nouse to deal with those who may not share his asperations. :?:


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New leader of the Labour party, only in the job due to the Unions vote. Lost the MPs, MEPS and ordinary members vote to his brother.

Even funnier is that he doesn't get to select his Shadow Cabinet. Instead it is a vote amongst MP's. And more importantly it is not the best candidates that get in. Nope, a certain number must be female.

So a leader with no mandate from his own MPs and Labour members supported by a Shadow Cabinet he has not picked (which is picked by the very people he lost the election to) and of those members several of them are only in post because they are female.

Ho Hum.
finknottle said:
SSN09 said:
Union power strikes again, and I'm sad to say my own Union contributed

Good on your Trades Union, as you appear to be unhappy with the winner I do wonder who your choice would have been and way?
Not sure it's a good choice in the great scheme of things, this is the guy who wrote the election manisfesto !!
Plus isn't he a little on the militant side, and if he doesn't appeal to the rank and file, will he appeal to the general public ?
Even though Ed is IMO the best of the bunch I will not forget how they have all tried to distance themselves from Blair's invasion of Iraq, two faced buggers all.
Not sure that was the best choice for Labour (which is probably why the MPs/party memebers voted for David). The middle class voters that Blair won over that haven't already abondoned ship will do so pretty sharpish if Ed takes the party further to the left. Although having a bit more distance between the position of the main parties could make things a bit more interesting.


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Well he calls himself a 'self confessed maths geek', so maybe he will realise that the little - before a number means minus, not keep spending! He seems to realise in his press releases etc the importance of creating a new New Labour instead of simply trying to switch things around which clearly did not work. In like his quote: 'Being a member of the Labour Party should be about campaigning for change in people’s lives today, not just a change in government at the next election', and his manifesto was good- but then he did not have the ties of finance, and actual implimentation etc to consider. Will be interesting to see what he does, I feel he will work harder than some to prove he was the right choice, as so many did not expect him to win.


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Now he's appealing to the "squeezed middle classes".
Considering his lot were broadly responsible for said squeeze,in the past & for that yet to come ---- still in cloud cuckoo land ??
StixJimboRM said:
nobby0919 said:
Now he's appealing to the "squeezed middle classes".
Considering his lot were broadly responsible for said squeeze,in the past & for that yet to come ---- still in cloud cuckoo land ??
No, no, no! You have it all wrong, the coalition have caused all of this nause in the 6 months that they have been in power (if you listen to the staunch Liarbour-ites :roll: )

Is that what they are saying and there was me thinking the recession was caused by greed, corruption and banks gambling with other peoples savings, plus successive governments handing back the temple to the money lenders.
NotmeChief said:
He says 'we have to go out there and listen to the people', if they had done that while they were in, we wouldn't be in the mess we are now.
I remember Tony B liar saying something similar after the 2005 election... but being a politician..... he lied !
This bloke's only been an MP a dog watch... but having never had a 'proper' job...Labour party 'researcher'... he's probably lying also.
Still... Finks likes him ! 8)
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