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Logically, to be 3 years symptom & treatment free, you should present yourself to your GP completely free from visible eczema so it is recorded on your medical notes. The period of symptom & treatment free can then be recorded.

If you had visible eczema at the AFCO medical examination, then obviously you cannot claim to be symptom or treatment free before that date.
Was completely free from symptoms at my medical however (perhaps stupidly) I had disclosed the previous presence of eczema (not anticipating that it could have such disastrous consequences..but wishing to be honest) therfore was advised that on the basis of not being treatment and symptom free for 3 yrs I had failed. Gutted an understatement!

OK fellas I confess it looks like I'm gonna have to sit it out for the long haul. I will have a word with the AFCO CA about it but I'm expecting him to say the same thing.

I do appreciate your advice especially re presenting myself to my GP treatment and symptom free for 3 yrs.



Just had this letter through regarding my appeal and over the moon, thanks for previous advice lads.


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BZ Siddy. Persistence and determination has paid off. The key phrase was "further specialist evidence you have provided".

Good luck with the rest of your application.


Good on you Siddy. In a similar situation myself and wondered if you would share either the letter or parts of the letter you wrote to aid writing my own?

Hi pal,

Did you ever get a reply from Siddy? Have you still got a copy of his letter?

I have just found out I have been made PMU today and I am of course going to appeal it. Can you advise on where to begin if you also appealed your decision?