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First of all I’d like to say sorry for clogging the forum with more eczema related threads, but after looking extensively on here, arrse and the prmc forum I haven’t found anything related to this specific issue. My eczema occurred in November 2016 on my left hand. After about a month I went to my gp and I got steroid cream and it cleared up by February of 2017. And it hasn’t returned in any aspect since. Making my three year all clear date 3rd of February. Despite this, The JSP 950 states that involvement of the hands normally declares someone as unfit. So my question is even after I wait for the 3 years, is the fact that my eczema occurred on my hand make any application a lost cause.

Although I know the JSP 950 covers all branches of the armed forces, I’ll say that I’m hoping to join as catering services (submariner). I’ve worked as a chef since August this year and the eczema has not reoccurred. Also while the eczema was active it didn’t affect my daily life. Saying that I understand things may be different in the navy.

So in short I’m approaching 3 years clear of eczema, but the eczema was on my hand. Would this stop me from passing the medical?

Thanks :)


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No one on here qualified to answer that, best thing is contact a recruiter and take their advice, nothing stops you applying and see what happens, good luck.

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