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Wish you luck mate,
I've recently developed a similar problem. Was symptom free for 2 years before my arm flared up. Not sure of the exact cause since it's been fine with me working on a bar in a nightclub for a year now without any issues, exposed to plenty of cleaning products etc. I'm in my last year of uni too so decided to give it atleast a year. If there are no signs of anything going to go ahead and apply however declare everything. This is day 3 now of the flare up and it already seems to be clearing up however I think it's morally better that I let them know about my history with it.


Passed my medical over the phone got an appointment to go Leeds in next few weeks, Looks like the dry skin story worked nd nothing will be on my medical records from my doctors


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I used to work a McDonalds and due to having to wash my hands with industrial soap every hour, using industrial strength degreaser every night, and having to use industrial sanitise to obviously sanitise the clothes. This caused me to develop a tiny dot of eczema on my middle finger, no bigger than the a £1 coin. I tried everything to get rid of it E45 all the creams in the world and even tried to monitor food nothing. I went to the Dr who gave my Hydrocortisone cream worked a treat went away, stopped using the cream came back. I didn't go back to the Dr but as soon as I left my hands cleared up and here I am 18months on no problems. The Navy said I had to be 3 years clear before I could join even though their Medical Bar to entry advises severe eczema. I tried to appeal but no joy. I moisturise my hands every day with Aveeno just to stop it coming back. Once you get it under control keep on top of it because never goes it's only dormant.


Does this mean there is absolutely no chance of passing a medical if you have this skin condition. I have it and I recently booked an appointment at my nearest AFCO, and if this is true, I cant say that I am very disappointed to discover this. I really wanted to apply.


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Don’t lose all hope! It’s just you have to be 3 years clear. Go to your doctor and ask if there is anything you can do to try and prevent it like I said i moisture constantly st the moment there’s no need to but I do it anyway. Wear washing up gloves when doing any washing. Use shower gel that is not going to aggregate your skin and same for washing powder when washing clothes.


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You should also be aware that you may be discharged if there is any sort of flare up of your condition. You may find it difficult to keep up with ws1602's advice under RN working conditions.

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