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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by angry_mac, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. Well, 10 months to do, resettlement head on, looking forward to new challenges etc, and out of the blue an unprecented second EC signal of the year comes out, and muggins is on it. Mind you this is a branch that just made 39 redundant and so far they now have offered EC to 44.
    To be honest it's an option I couldn't just dismiss out of hand, had a family chat, and decision was to pop into UPO and get that Not Interested signal pinged off.
    To late fellas, 2 yrs ago I may have taken you up on that, but with 10 months to d, you're having a laugh. Morale in the branch at its lowest, 2015 pension and all that.
    Regrets, never made it to wo2 selection board, because as soon as I became eligible in seniority, my common promotion date was after my tx date so never got presented.
    Thanks RN you've gave me a highly valued trade, great experiences, some not so great experiences, wonderful mates, and a wealth of dits, but it's time I found new challenges, I go at 40.
  2. "Holy crap, in less than 12 months I've got to grow up and be an adult."

    Had a similar comment from the wife when I took up the child rearing duties. "You've got to be organised". Holy crap, 45 years of winging it and now I have to grow up and be organised and responsible? Sheesh!
  3. Mac. Make the leap mate it's not scary. I've said many times if you want to stay, superb. The mob can be secure and fun. However once you've made you're mind up get amongst it and enjoy the new adventure. I would advise you use ELCAS to death. Great bit of kit and it is paying for my courses and so far had £4000 out of them.

    I assume you are a tiff so you should have no snags finding work. Oppo of mine Butty, same boat as you, outside now as divers life support tech, he loves it.
  4. Mac

    I was in the same position many moons ago, when it’s time to go just go and face the new world.
    scary bits, no one owes you a living it’s up to you to find work.
    No one will come knocking if you do not show up for work, you just lose your job (depends on company)
    There is plenty of work as long as you are not too picky.
    Matching current wage is achievable if you’re flexible and willing to go to the work
    Job hunting can be demoralising but do not give up
    It’s great to be a civy as long as you have prepared well.
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  5. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Good luck shipmate, I've just had my CTW and taken the first steps on the resettlement road, but I do have hopes of another 5 years come the next EC board that's what I'd really like to do!
  6. If that's what you want great! But do you have a plan of what you intend to do when the service comfort blanket is removed and instead of drafty or appointer you have to find a job apply for it and get employed via interview? Unless you are a lucky sod and can afford to retire on pusser pension, have your own business, good at guessing lottery number, or just loaded with dosh already.
    One day the party has to end, my wife insists I should also grow up? Never saw that in the discharge paperwork.
    It’s not all bad out here but you do lose the camaraderie of the service life in the civy office, unless you find work in a heavily populated ex-service work force, then they try to bring in this ethics stuff.
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    That's the attitude Mac!

    If you need any advice or reassurance drop me a PM.
  8. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    No I don't. Lot's of reasons for it, and yes , comfort blanket has to be one. In a nutshell I joined very young, all I wanted to do was join up, now NOTHING pulls me to say "I want to do that", why leave a job you like?
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  9. I loved my time in the mob.

    I love being a civvy and being able to say NO! Boss says, sorry - asks, can you work the weekend. (Party organised), you say NO - ******* great! Can you do that in the mob! Yes - but you'll still be working the weekend!!!!!

    Jump - the waters fine.
  10. Understand
    that all too well, I joined up day after my 16 birthday and the navy was all I
    ever wanted to do. All the jobs for the last 15 years have been pusser
    orientated, S&T Class boats, CVF, Astute which all saw me travelling or
    away from home just as much as being in the mob, now I have taken a job closer
    to home, home every night, to do with aviation but mainly still military, so I
    just found work that I understood and paid the bills. If I am honest I probably
    still do not know what I really want to do, so I find work that pays the bills
    and supports my social life style, and interests me enough to show up each day.
  11. +1 to every word you said Sumo!

    I came outside - no work for 6 months except a Christmas job in Makro! Then fell into Defence orientated work - as you say - something you know and pays the bills. Lots of time away from home, but then, good money. So you makes your choices etc.

    Meant I could retire to the sun at 50, so worked for me!

    Still miss the Mob though.......... (anchor faced twat!!)
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  12. Jump in you'll be fine, I left in '73 after my 9 I didn't like getting dirty under helicopters any longer. I did a wiring course as part of my EVT and went with my bros who is a builder for a while. I then took the plunge and went a found a 'proper job'. Civvies drove me mad for a while, all moan moan, moan. where's the OT and what rate am I on, he's getting more than me? what a bunch of tw-ts, nothing seemed to satisfy them. I used to enjoy winding them up but it was too easy.
    All you need is a desire to do a good job without too many questions and you'll be appreciated. You might even find without too much effort you can steal you bosses job!
  13. There are many things I remember fondly about the, and I thought a few time about applying for an extended service billet, now I suppose I am a civy by work preference but there will always be a bit of jack in me somewhere or why would we still be sling shit on this site, a lot of civvies get offended far too quickly, scream harassment of one kind or another and try to get you sacked, and trying to tell them to get a life winds them up even more???
  14. One reason why many employers won't employ ex servicemen. They see them, (us), as a threat to their job! Something I discovered when I left in 92. I challenged the airport manager at Exeter Airport when he turned me down for a job I was more than qualified for. We had a long chat and he admitted many ex are deemed to be threatening to many job holders positions, stating our knowledge and motivation as factors.

    So the moral is when attending job interviews - don't appear too keen, (read threatening), or simply lie!
  15. Not sure if true but I was told not to apply to Plymouth City Council when first leaving the mob as they saw recent ex service men/women as go getters that might take their jobs, they wanted you to have settled into being a civy for a few years first?
  16. I wouldn't disbelieve the rumour!

    One of the main questions I was hit with when applying for 'civvy' jobs was;

    "So what civilian experience can you bring to my company".

    The emphasis being on 'civilian'. As an ex service person what can your honest answer be unless you didn't join up straight from education!

    Like I said above either play yourself down or just lie! In the end I just settled for a scummy job, not badly paid - but I ******* hate it. I only thank **** I have a year left before I retire!
  17. One thing to get used to is that civvy land is a lot duller than jack world, and dont black cat your new mates with tales of Mermaids in the South China sea when he tells you of his two weeks in Malaga last year.
  18. Last few jobs with lots of ex jack no problem, but my new job almost no ex jack, black cat or showing how your past experience fits in was mentioned in my PDR as a negative. Bit strange.
  19. Took me a few years but now in a managerial role and wish a few more ex-service people would come for jobs ... it would really rattle the cages of the numbnuts and simpletons that have been employed by my predecessor ... Would really love someone who tipped up at the right time ... got on with the job ... did it to a high standard ... didn't argue ... when I said jump didn't ask how high but asked when do you want me to come down ... in short ... has got high work ethics ... instead I'm saddled with a load of loafing twats who I can't get rid of easily because of the namby pamby HR system ... but thats the NHS for you!
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  20. MG know exactly where you are coming from, unfortunately I have had a few roles where numbnuts and simpletons have been my bosses, or even senior bosses, who would choose less qualified yes man rather than have someone who could challenge their job, what really gets me is when you have to spend hours explaining to your numbnuts and simpleton boss then they go away and claim credit for the work? I have a personal belief if you are afraid to employ some who could take over your job at some stage then the business will never grow

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