Discussion in 'The Internet - Best and Worst' started by daffy1, Sep 25, 2011.

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  1. My mate emailed me this, had me in stitches, he didn't take kindly to her act did he!! PMSL.

    "Nigel with the little penis" :laughing2:
  2. Ebay auction - highly amusing

    Put a search in Ebay for the following auction number: 180726587776

    Most amusing
  3. Good man..
  4. Another E-Bay one pinched from E-Goat:

    E-Bay again..selling rule number one!
    Always wear clothes before photographing your sales...


  5. Years back a guy in Manchester won a house, car and motor cruiser in Florida for $5 so that the sellers bitch of a wife didn't get a cent in alimony. Until now it was the funniest sale on Fleabay in many a year.
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  7. link showa 0 results?
  8. Maybe because it was posted 6 months ago :roll:
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  9. Does anyone fancy a depth gauge from a submarine?

    E-bay item 230752899037

    It must be worth loads, there can't be many gauges from freshwater submarines on the market. They must have been a secret project.

    It looks just like the old plant room pressure gauges I've got in my shed.

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