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Lingyai said:
NozzyNozzer said:
For the record I am also aware of a number of people who were dishonourably or administrativly discharged from the Service because they were gay, in the 1970s and 80s who for because of this "blemish" on their record are obliged to join the RNA as Associates in any event. So on balance I'd leave things as they are.
I never knew that dishonourably discharged queers were not allowed to be full members, regardless of their habits I think they should be allowed to be real members (so long as they don't dress up in wrens rig) :twisted: Personaly if I applied to be a member and I was told I could only have associate membership I would tell then to shove it up their stern gland. Brown hatter or not they still did the job.

A few years ago I visited Leyland RNA Club and the Bar Person was a Tran sexual, who served on HMS Plymouth during the Falklands.

I don't know if she was a Full Member of the RNA, or if she had a Full Member (Double Bagger at the very least) :wink: :wink:


Chockhead, if you are so enraged by this person selling the tie pins complain to ebay they have an email complaints system and can and do ban members from trading quite regularly