Eating your own semen

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. Interesting article....

    High in protein and low in fructose (sugar), that's settled then, I'm going to start eating vast quantities of my own semen as a food supplement. Do you think it would be marketable as a health supplement product like those capsules of omega 3 oils etc? A catchy marketing slogan would boost sales;

    "Spunk! Natures own nectar.....get some down you today!"
  2. PM Thingy.

    He's our resident expert on such matters.
  3. Slogan could be "Tadpoles for Tea". wouldn't work if you've had your nuts cut though. :oops:
  4. Actualy did that in the 70s , was occasionaly sleeping with this lady called Murial up in Newcastle {same age as my Mum} , anyway I thought that she had swallowed , but NO she hadn't and came back up and passed it back to me , the one and only time I have swallowed , uuurrrggg ....
  5. It's termed 'snowballing'.........apparently.
  6. Last time I'm ordering one of them in a pub then

  7. Kinnell so I've been snowballed then .... learn something everyday , lol .
  8. PMSL! :lol:

  9. Glad you laughed , another time she wanted it in the back door and ended up with a small tear , ended up in Stonehouse Hospital for a Circumsision , the Naval Nurses faces were a picture , the swines , lol .
  10. Lol well you shouldn't indulge in such filth then should you, especially with Plymouth lasses... I just hope you've learnt your lesson!! 8O :D

  11. Newcastle Girl she was ,,
  12. Well that's alrighty then :wink:
  13. I love the top review:

    I laughed hard.

  14. She's probably dead now , at least in her 70s , doesn't bear thinking about now , the smell of Amonia uurrgg and Inco pads kinnell lol

  15. Good Run Ashore then!
  16. Oh God.... although i'd watch it if i were you unless you want incoming from the likes of Hig haha!

    but urghhhhhhhh 8O
  17. incoming semen?

  18. He's into the French Girlies , Lol :lol:
  19. Hahaha Northern birds are the best!

    I remember getting invited back by this hottie from Sunderland and her taking my boxers off and grinning like a cheshire. Whilst laying there in the starkers she goes to me, looking at "Excalibur"

    "Do you think if I ask nicely it'll spit in my face?"

    Good times.

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