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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by guestm, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Now, during my long and varied Forces career, I have of course eaten some pretty honking stuff. Normally I have been surrounded by oppos chanting "Eat it! Eat it!" which has helped no end. Especially when habving to eat a fist sized cockroach who you have bet on and has just lost it's race.

    On Thursday though, on a run ashore for a mate leaving the RN, we were presented with the delicacy of Grasshoppers, worms and ants, all bought from

    Genius. On tuesday I am going to one of my girlfriend's mate's birthday party. I will be casually closing up at the table in the pub with a deep fried tarantula, some caterpillars and a Scorpion which I will munch away on without much fanfare. I am confident that these prim and proper girly civvy losers will react hilariously badly to this and I am engorged at the thought.

    Does anybody else enjoy chowing down on honking fodder?
  2. I've eaten Dogs tongue burger in Vietnam, Chicken testicles on a Kebab in China to name a couple :lol:
  3. I find it sorts the men from the boys. Eating a handful of maggots whilst fishing with my mates 7 year old son impressed him so much that he refers to me as uncle bush tucker now.

    Eating a spider that my niece made me catch did not go down so well with her, she screamed and cried for about three days. i laughed for approximately the same period.
  4. My mate whilst we were fishing down the deeps of Cornwall caught a fish, a man and his daughter were walking past. The little un walked up to him to see what he had caught. He showed her, she asked what he was going to do next so he snapped it and then bit it. Girl wasn't impressed and cried, we pissed ourselves laughing, the father walked off giving him the evils
  5. Brain curry in Bahrain. Might explain the psychosis...
  6. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Eating weird things is for champions. To date, i've munched on:

    1. A sheeps eye
    2. Ants
    3. Worms (Althought this doesn't really count as you eat these on survival courses)
    4. Part of a hedgehog
    5. Maggots
    6. Breakfast in the Longmoor cookhouse

    Out of the above, number 6 is the one that sticks in my mind with horror.
  7. I too have dined at the Longmoor cookhouse. There are few words that can describe walking in with a shocking hangover after drinking slightly off lager in the Longmoor Bullet all night and being faced with the horror that is powdered scrambled egg, tinned sausages and bacon fat, all washed down with radioactive lime squash.

  8. Snails
    stuffed goose stomachs
    Deer heart
    Kren (some awful thing in Germany that tasted like dog food and made me vomit)
    A burger at Ozzzfest Castle Donnington (it was green)
  9. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You do realise that is the same stuff as they put in Cylumes? After drinking that, my piss smells like a mixture between the good old Sugar Puffs and an Embalmers work space. Oh, it's also radioactive.
  10. I used to love the creativity of the chefs after a few weeks at sea when the food started to run out, during my time in the RN I dined on the following delicacies:

    Onion Curry
    Onion Stroganoff
    Onion Stir fry
    Onion Surprise
    Onion Soup
    Onion Fricassee
    Onion Pie
    Onion Pudding
    Roast Onion
    Onion Stew
    Onion Hotpot
  11. In my younger days I used to munch on those crunchy white dog turds that you don't see around so much thse days, normally at the end of a good DTS
  12. Anything in a Little Chef? That has to be about as rank as it gets....
  13. You are correct, what happened to the white dog turds? Today they are almost all human like, and placed in non degradable bags in my hedge!!!!
  14. I once ordered an omelette in Little Chef, the waitress returned saying they had run out of omellettes. 8O

    Surely it is just a case of cracking some eggs into a pan?

    Apparently not. The omelette comes in a carton and is then poured into the pan. I haven't been in since.
  15. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Sorry about that mucker. That's me doing that. I keep thinking i'm in an OP and your hedge is rather nice.
  16. Well, next time pop in for a swift half; after all if you are going to leave nasty stuff in my hedge we ought go get to know one another :lol:
  17. Don't even go there..and I certainly wouldn't..
  18. The wonderful 'Chocolate Button' trick.

    On a boat in Emden. Duty with a hangover and the lads had invited these two German birds on board. After the usual goings on we wanted rid of them because they were stinking of piss and the novelty had gone.

    The 'Trick': stick a chocolate button (or any chocolate) between the cheeks of your arse and wait for it to melt. When ready, fart, if you can't muster one then pick a time and make the noise of one. Pretend you have followed through then stick you hand down your crack to prove it.

    Bring out said chocolate looking like a mini toblerone nestled on your forefinger. By now people normally start retching but it's when you stick your finger in your mouth that the required result is achieved.

    Said Krauts fecked off after throwing up as did half of the duty watch as I hadn't told them what I was doing. :D :D

    Happy Days :puke: :puke:

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