eat live fish - Giles Coren is a barsteward

Giles Coren of the Times is on radio 4 and is extolling the virtues of eating slices off a live fish on your plate in Japan - before it knows its dead

sick bastard - and the Japanese too - :pukel:
Sure our Japanese allies(?) wouldn't perform such gastronomic activities purely for sustenance? There must be some scientific research behind it just like the whaling! :rambo: Banzai!
Interesting though... those cooks/chefs/knife wavers must be fairly decently trained to be able to such a precise bit of carvery, wouldn't like to annoy one of them - think of what they could do to you!



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dhoby_bucket said:
Japs have always been known as a cruel and sadistic race so this comes as no surprise..
Boiling Lobsters,Crabs etc isn't cruel? Then there's all those quaint British traditions hare coursing,fox hunting,badger baiting etc etc . PersonallyI have no problem eating lobsters etc & would have no moral problem eating live fish.Just the thought of it puts me off,I dont even like smoked salmon.


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When I was a vegetarian my mantra was "never eat anything with a face", which I had no problem with. But then Mrs. SPB bought a packet of Jammy Dodgers, and that when the trouble started... 8O

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