easy Bulimia

Discussion in 'International' started by golden_rivet, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. If you've just eaten too much and want your waistband to reduce a little just watch this and ... hey presto ... :violent1:

    can't stop the vomit ...
  2. God please let it be ironic .....
  3. please ...
  4. Oh!! Fck!! I just watched that shit all the way through. WHY!! All it says is that Microsoft customers are saddo [email protected] That Microsoft attempt to appeal to the big demographic: young white male geek, young attractive female, older attractive female (the one in charge!) and of course the obligatory African-American who gets liitle to do except look interested. If I ever go to a party where some numbnuts opens his laptop for me to admirethe latest Windows I will fit the thing up his fundament! However, I could really shag the older female; and muff out her hairy bits.
  5. I fell asleep and have just woken up, without rerunning it and risking dropping off again , did I miss any thing? :sleepy2: :sleepy1: :sleepy2: :sleepy1: :sleepy2: :sleepy1:

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