Came off watch after the Middle to find a baby stoker lying on the deck of the Wardroom Flat "recharging" the florescent (sp?) emergency exit arrows with a torch. :lol:


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When I did my work experience in a motorcycle repair shop I was asked to pop next door to the exhaust center for a Long Weight and 3 sky hooks.
The guy at the exhaust center told me to wait ther he would be back in a bit.

I stood there for 30 minutes then got pissed off and went back saying that they didnt have any.

It took me 3-4 years to realise that i hade been on a wind up. The people in the bike shop must have thought I was thick as shit.


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mooching around 2 Deck, came across JMEM filling sinks in JRs Bathroom.

"Chief Stoker told me we were doing a Basin Trial this forenoon.."


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Best one I saw was played out over a week on a T42

A new OM was trained up as a Balloon Controller for 909 tracking

He was given a remote controller (from an old remote controlled car), stationed on the upper deck and told to make the balloon go up/down/right or left by directions from the Ops Room

Much hilarity - especially when it was announced that the batteries in his controller were flat and he went to the NAAFI to buy new ones

He had a task book to complete, special protective equipment (because balloons are really dodgy right?) - use your imagination, and the bite completed with presentation to the Captain as a fully qualified Balloon Controller

Like all the best bites the entire ship was in on it and keen to get updates on his progress


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Baby chef fresh out of training, killick chef to baby put a fork in the sausages yes you’ve guessed it every sausage had a fork in it, took place in Faslane I think.
RNAS Lossiemouth,chef sez to chef,put half of apples in pos mess and half in chiefs mess,yep you guessed it ,all apples cut in half.


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"Right, breakfast for 70, only half will eat it, and half of those (call it 18 ) will have a boiled egg.......... so, 18 eggs, 5 mins each, put them all in for 90 mins" (Yeah, reeks of dits. Good though)


On Invincible's Daily Orders a few years ago, a baby OM was congratulated on being able to hear the traffic in the channel tunnel by listening to a stethascope through the bottom of the hull :D

My favorite bite, which works surprisingly often is money changing in Rosyth & Gib, even had a CPOMA on that one!