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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rodge-Nufc, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    I had my raleigh brief yesterday and asked about easter leave. I originally saw on this site that the leave was 26th of march, yesterday i was told april 2nd. ninja doe's that sound right?
  2. the leave quota for 2010 has been cancelled due to cut backs and lack of funds.
  3. Think the quote you got from here was of easter past. Being that easter changes from year to year so does the dates.

    If the AFCO said it was the 2nd this year then the 2nd I would imagine it to be.
  4. how long is the easter leave? just i have been given a date for april 18th
  5. i think i read somewhere it was 2 weeks could be wrong though.

    i hope it is the 18th tbh due to the fact ill have just finished phase 1 dont really want leave in the middle of it if it is the 2nd being that id only have 2 weeks left
  6. You'll break up on 26th March 2010 and will recommence training on 12th April 2010.
  7. I'm afraid that's incorrect soliel. Raleigh Easter leave is from 2 April to 18 April. Yes, I know that's Good Friday, but that's what's happening.
  8. 18th is a Sunday, leave dates for Raleigh at Easter are secure Friday 2nd of April until turn to on Monday 19th of April
  9. I stand corrected. :)
  10. Apologies for giving out duff information above.

    The person who gave it to me will be sent to bed with no tea.
  11. Said the man in the orthopaedic shoes.

    Boom tish.
  12. Hi All,

    Confirmed dates for Raleigh taken from the new Ex Officers memo 41/09


    Spring term - 4 Jan-2 Apr

    Summer term - 19 Apr-6 Aug

    Autumn term - 6 Sep-17 Dec

    Happy holidays!!!!!


  13. mario sorry for the newbie question here but ill be passing out on the 30th july, now will i start phase 2 after or be but on hold over until summer leave?
  14. Christ almighty, are you lot for real????

    Look join up first, get through Part 1 training and then worry about Leave. Whilst in the RN they will always be nice enough to tell you when you are allowed to have time off in plenty of time.
  15. i was just curious thats all plus im booking a holiday with some mates for summer leave
  16. You will probably move to your phase 2 training establishment and make a start before getting your summer leave, not all establishments will get the full 4 weeks off for summer leave, so check with your AFCO to confirm the dates for your training prior to booking any holidays


  17. Right then shippers, few more things you might want to remember.
    1/ What happens if you get backclassed?

    2/ If you are planning on going foreign Pusser needs to know and approve

    3/ You might change your mind over mates after joining up, civvies will seem such a bunch of [email protected]#@s when you are all salty.

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