Easter Leave? What dates?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by willmuse, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. Hello guys, you may remember here about 9 weeks ago! Asking all sorts of Questions before Raleigh! Well here I am again! asking even more questions!

    I know we have Easter leave... what dates though? Many thanks
  2. any one??:(
  3. No one at all? =[
    Wish i could help yu haha
  4. Hi, dont know if this helps at all, I start at Raleigh on 9th March, APPARENTLY im only there for two weeks, then we have easter leave so if the info I have been told is correct, it should be around the 23rd March?
  5. If they still have block leave at Raleigh then it'll all be the same as Ric's, his dates seems about right. Think you still get two weeks for Easter?
  6. i start most of my courses around the 7th April - so i reckon thats the day back from leave

    extend 17 days before that and you have 21st march - which is a Friday

    good chance those are the leave dates
  7. not really relevent but our CO is giving us a buckshee additional week for easter :)
  8. RALEIGH Block Easter Leave this year is from Fri 14 Mar until Mon 31 Mar.
  9. I really do despair, if you are talking about leave before you join or just after you have joined, do you really think that you are suited to service life? Perhaps a bottle of whisky and all the pills i have lying around would do the trick, farewell cruel world.
  10. Yeh, you're right hig the pig. I'm really not cut out for the Navy life because i have the audacity when my leave dates are.
  11. Thanks to everyone else though:)
  12. Can I have your Porn, old chap ?
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Easter leave normally falls between Crimbo and Summer leave, hope this helps.

    Higs, I dont know why anyone bothers to answer newbie questions anymore, you dont get no thanks for it, they haven't got a sense of humour yet and there's always someone who has never served willing to give valuable advice.

    (watch me now get slated... :bball: )
  14. Blobbs it not that they don't get told anymore mate, as you probably know, they just don't listen anymore.
    Maybe leave dates etc should now be sent via the medium of TEXT. At least that way they would get the information.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not as daft as it sounds- when initial enquirers are booked to attend a presentation, they are sent a text to remind them. Some AFCOs send a letter AND text a reminder for Applicants about to sit the Recruiting Test - it works! :thumright:

    The problem with Easter Leave, as with any leave in the military, is that it may not fall on the dates the individual may anticipate. Many shore establishments & units vary their leave dates. If the reason for asking is to book a holiday, don't book it until your leave has been approved - even then ensure you buy cancellation insurance to cover all options.
  16. what happens with easter leave do we go home and wait till we start again also do we get any work while were away
  17. The minute that you get home, it is customary to drop your bags and **** off on the piss for a fortnight making sure that you return to your ship on time, hope this helps.
  18. Yeah drink as much as you can until you cant stand up any longer
  19. Don't you have to practice ironing, boot polishing and kit musters whilst on leave anymore?
    Tsk, standards are slipping.
    You could always request Rear Party.
  20. Raleigh seems to have its own dates

    they get 4 weeks summer leave - i think

    the longest gap for leave is Easter to summer, always hated that

    but work in a commcen and you get 6 on 6 off all year with your leave then on top

    hurrah for comms

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