Easter Leave at Raleigh ?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GregorCdog, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. going to Raleigh this weekend wooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooo :D just wondering what date the Easter leave is for 2 weeks ?
  2. 2 - 18 April 2010
  3. cheers
    Does that mean there will be a passing in parade on the 2nd of april as im due to pass into the navy then ?
  4. Had my briefing today. Asked the same thing- apparently you "get told when you arrive" :lol:
  5. If the 2nd April is nine weeks after you join up, then yes. It's passing out by the way.
  6. :oops: Nope! it will be a passing out parade :wink:
  7. I'm starting Raleigh on the 1st of febuary so will i pass out on april 2nd ?
  8. Well I'm joining 31st January. I don't know if one day counts? Ah, I'll just listen to whats going to happen when I get down there.
  9. Maybe Drakey didn't make it clear. I'll rephrase it.

    In fact no, I can't see any way of making it more clear.

    If the 2nd April is nine weeks after you join up, then yes.
  10. Just a quick Q, didn't want to start another easter leave thread... straight to the point, are there any facilities / options for me to stay in Plymouth during easter leave besides temporary private renting / B&B..? Foresee myself being a bit stuck / out on my arse when Raleigh closes.
  11. You can apply for "lower deck leave" where you can stay onboard (and pay food and accom). Check with your Divisional staff when you get there.
  12. Righto, cheers Wrecker.
  13. Alternatively you could just get ashore and find some bird to sponge off for 2 weeks.

    Works for me anyway.
  14. Awesome, got any you're willing to share?
  15. There are a few classy chicks up Swilly way. You can usually meet them down Jesters or Mutley Plain. Alternatively the Council Estates around Keyham usually have good pickings. If you meet a good looking blonde chick called Claire, who is into surfing, she will let you smash her hoop and everything.

    Send her my love.
  16. I've heard of this Swilly place. Sounds lovely, on par with centre parcs so I've been told. Anyway, duly noted and I'll keep my eyes peeled for Claire the blonde surfer.. Thanks a million!
  17. No worries shippers!

    On a serious note if you really do need somewhere to crash and the mob fcuks you off, one of your Raleigh classmates is bound to let you crash at theirs for a bit.

    Just don't wreck the place when you are smashed or shag his mum.
  18. You can't miss swilly or devonport, the police cars are white with UN painted on them
  19. I believe it's actually spelt 'Demport.'

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